F.M., Australia

  • January 28, 2022
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Why Blockit’s are needed

I had just filled up with petrol at a local Woolworths service station and approached the counter to pay. I had a savings account debit card in my hand which doesn’t have a chip. When I went to swipe the card, the read out said ‘pin free day’. I queried it and the operator told that it was already paid.

I left rather puzzled. So when I got home I checked my bank account. There was no debit for the petrol. I then checked my credit card. Sure enough the petrol had been charged to that. My credit card, that does have a chip, never came out of my bag.

I can now see why the ‘wave and go’ method of card payment is being banned in Australia because of the high incident of fraud.

Needless to say I am taking advantage of the special blockit offer and placed an order!!!

F.M., Australia


Caitlin Grace, NZ

Te Ruru, NZ