Claire, NZ

  • January 28, 2022
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EMF balancing technology in amazing products

I was really interested in your current email article about the symptoms of EMF sensitivity. I notice for me personally that I feel agitated, sort of shaky (like I haven’t slept all night, when I have) and very ‘out of balance’. And the symptoms are reduced very quickly as soon as I wear my nu me skinny pendant.

I have been using your nu me products, your original orgonite cones, the pe bal and the shell for some years now.

And in the past year I’ve been using the QSB regularly as well, and I love it. I almost never get sick now, whereas I used to get sick all the time before I used any EMF balancing technology like this.

I know I would be in very poor shape physically and mentally if I hadn’t found your amazing products – so I’m very grateful that you do the work you do.

Claire, NZ


Tatjana, Australia

Hayden, New Zealand