An Invitation to Retail Exciting Energetic Products!

Hi, and thanks for joining me here on this page, I would like to present to you a range of life-changing energy-balancing products, products, which I know that your customers will love and will improve your business, not just in terms of sales, but also with their power, as powerful energy-balancers, to improve the energy of your space and make your shop that much more attractive to come into.

So you understand the power of crystals. This technology that I’m presenting to you uses crystals, but it is combined with the technology to move energy in a big way. This technology belongs to scientist Wilhelm Reich. You may have heard of something called orgonite. Well, this is far, far more powerful than orgonite, although it uses the same principles.

So we have created a range of products, one that will sit around your neck, such as I’m wearing now is an example in our range of pendants.

They’re moving and balancing energy. Anytime you do that you’ll understand that that creates an energy field. The energy field is controlled by the crystal. So it’s a harmonizing energy field. So that is protecting me, as the wearer.

We have a range of products also that will sit on a desk or a coffee table and will generate a much bigger field and protect everybody within that field. One of those products is our Pyramid Energy Balancer, which we would highly recommend all new retailers – anybody coming on board to have as part of their stock, because it is our biggest seller.

So moving energy and balancing energy gives them the power to cleanse an energetic space. You know, what you could do with Sage, you can do with our technology just by leaving it where it is.

So we’re very dynamically, clearing away anything historical that is out of balance or negative. It will create a protective space against things like electromagnetic pollution, other people’s, bad hair days, geopathic stress, negative entities, indeed anything that is basically unbalanced in nature it will provide protection against.  And because we are, as you know, energetic beings they’re working on our energy as well – bringing it into a state of balance, and that makes them powerful tools for meditation, and also for healing, bringing us back to balance and back to often a state of health.

So that is very brief introduction as to what our products do.

Have a look around our website, but there is also a link to our catalog, which you can download, with the wholesale and retail prices.

Wholesale Catalog

We would very much like to work with you. We have been selling our products all over the world, the US is one of our key markets. So we’re already selling to your area but we are only just scratching the surface because there are so many people that like to look, touch, and feel before they buy. So that makes them resistant to our mail-order.

Also, not everybody’s comfortable ordering from some far-off land of New Zealand. So this is where you can come in. This is where we can create a win-win relationship. We’d love to work with you – if this is something that you feel you’d like to get on board with.

We’re not looking at a massive stock investment. We have a very modest way for you to get started. We also have a trial pack so that you can test it and prove what I’m saying to be true. Simply click the orange view products to select your pendant design option and place your order.

And then we can start a conversation and work out how we can work together. So that’s all I have to say on this, this video, thanks again for joining me. Thanks for your attention. And I very much hope that we can work together in the future. You have a great day, regardless. Thank you.

I have been wearing the Nu-Me Pendant for about 4 months. In the work that I do I really need to be balanced and centered. It helps me to calm down when I am filming on TV. I also find that it harmonizes any negative energy that other people bring into your space no matter where you are, I find it hard to sleep because of a very active mind. It helps me have a peaceful nights sleep.

I have seen other pendants but nothing matches the quality and craftsmanship of the Nu-Me pendant.

I also have the P.e.bal (Pyramid Energy Balancer). When I received this I could not stop looking at the symbols on all four sides. I take it every where with me as I stay in many different hotels where people leave their energy, it clears the space inside and out of the building. I also have it sitting in my workshops just like a force field. It’s also just a lovely piece to have sitting in your house or office and it does become a talking point when people see it and they just love to pick it up and feel the energy.

So many thanks to David and Margie for being able to use such amazing products. Sue Nicholson, Wgtn, NZ

I would like to thank Life Energy Designs for all the wonderful products made with love and care. I worked as a Senior Cabin crew for 10 years and developed severe insomnia which made sleepless nights normality for me. Since I bought P.e.bal and Nu-Me pendant I sleep so much better and dream a lot. Sleepless nights are now only a memory. Thank you so very much for your help! Bless you! Anu Luik, UK

I bought my first P.E. Bal two months ago. My wife found immediately that it was helpful for pain relief. Later I bought another P.E. Bal and two Nu-Me pendants. My son has slept deeper and maybe one hour longer since then. He is now more alert, calmer and happier. My energy level is much better throughout the day with the Nu-Me pendant. In addition, all of us feel these devices are powerful and beneficial for the overall health. I am convinced to buy several more P.E. Bals and pendants for other family members.
Thank you very much! G Chen, OH, USA

If perhaps you have tried our products before or feel they are right for your business then you can simply get in touch with us by email via this LINK. Or, if you prefer, fill out the form below with some basic information so that we can get back to you with the best solutions for working with us.

If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, you can also Skype us on: life-energy , or let us have your phone number and a good time for us to call (please note we are in New Zealand so there is a time difference)