Anti-Radiation Wi-Fi Router Guard


Wi-Fi routers do not come with power control. This means that you have an always on, full power source of radiation beaming through your home or workplace.

The Wi-Fi Router Cover still allows your wi-fi to work but it gives you the power to control the output and limit your exposure.

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Protect Your Health with the Ultimate WiFi Signal Tamer

Safeguard Against Constant Radiation

Unlike your cellphone, which emits radiation mainly during calls, your WiFi router is a different beast, blasting at full power 24/7 as long as it’s on. Enter the WiFi Signal Tamer: a breakthrough in reducing your exposure to this constant radiation. Our innovative cover ensures that the radiation output from your router is slashed by a staggering 90-95%, without compromising your WiFi connection.

WiFi Efficiency Uncompromised:

Worried about losing signal strength? Fear not. The WiFi Signal Tamer is designed to keep your connection strong and steady. The cover is ingeniously open at both ends, providing adjustable coverage for your router’s antenna. This unique design allows you to tailor the signal strength to your needs, ensuring your online experience remains seamless.

Heat Management & Signal Control:

A hot router is a clear indicator of high emissions. Our Router Guard, with its open-end design, not only allows heat to escape but also gives you the control to manage the signal power. By lifting the cover slightly, you can easily adjust for heat dispersion or to boost your WiFi signal, according to your needs.

Overpowered No More:

Take a moment and scan the WiFi options available in your home. Surprisingly, most devices are overpowered, with a signal reach far beyond what is typically necessary. The WiFi Signal Tamer allows you to dial back this excess power, efficiently reducing the wireless radiation to a safer level, often as little as 1/10th or 1/100th of the original strength.

Why a Router Cover is Essential:

Modern WiFi routers operate on frequencies like 2.40 GHz, 5 GHz, and even 60 GHz for 5G routers. While less intense than a microwave oven, this radiation is still a form of microwave emission. Numerous studies have linked radiation to various health issues and neurological problems. With the WiFi Signal Tamer, you are actively reducing the risk of exposing yourself and your loved ones to these electromagnetic toxins.

Universal Fit for Your Peace of Mind:

Measuring 25cm in width and 40cm in height, our WiFi Signal Tamer is designed to universally fit most types of routers, with or without antennas. It’s an essential addition to any household seeking to balance technology with health-conscious living.

Don’t wait to protect your family. Embrace the new standard in WiFi safety with our WiFi Signal Tamer today!