How can I heal myself? – taking the journey of true healing.

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  • December 18, 2019
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How can I heal myself? – taking the journey of true healing.

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Our health and healing is as big a subject as you can get. It is so dominate in our life, practically everything we are, and do, hinges on it. Billions are spent and made on our making and keeping ourselves well. If we don’t feel well it colours our day. If we do feel well it makes our day – makes life worth living. So much hangs on our well – being.

But as complex energetic beings it isn’t about just the physical us. Nor the mental us either. If we go to the doctor, they mostly treat us as separate parts – mental or physical and ignore the emotional or spiritual. So how on earth can they ever help us to get well, to become WHOLE, when they are treating us as bits and pieces. Separate and disjointed. It just ain’t going to work is it?

Now this is going to be controversial. Some will throw their arms up in the air saying, “not true”. “Rubbish”. But I know that there are those that don’t want to heal, they are their dis-ease. It is their identity. Others just want to be fixed. They want someone else to cure their symptoms – but that is not healing.

Are you confronted by this?

If you are you will probably stop reading and think me a looney. If you aren’t, then you KNOW that we can only truly heal ourselves. Of course, others can help to facilitate this. But real healing comes from within ourselves. Healing can only happen at cause. Every aspects of our energetic self has to be addressed, respected and dare I say it – loved. Physical symptoms is our body screaming to be heard but the pain – dis-ease doesn’t start there, it could have had its seed sown in any energetic level. It is no good cutting off the branches of physical ills while the roots are still intact and growing.

If you already know all this then you are well on the way to being the whole you. But knowing and doing aren’t the same thing, are they? We are all constantly challenged to put our beliefs, or knowing, into practice. It isn’t easy. But then anything good and long lasting never is I suppose.

It was to aid self-healing that the technology for the Quantum Scalar Box (QSB) has been kindly given to us, bit by bit. Intuitively David has been given the information only as fast as he could handle it – and that has taken 9 years. There have been prototype after prototype made and tested. Guided every step of the way. The QSB has been gifted to us – and to those that accept they can benefit from its help. Those that want to be all that they are meant to be – well and whole.

It is just a year since its launch. A mad, heady, exciting, whirl-wind of a year. A year that we will never forget. More QSBs went out into the world than we could ever have imagined, or hoped for. Our manufacturer in Christchurch had to do two repeat orders. Feedback from customers warmed our hearts and brought tears of joy. What a wonderful, unbelievable ride it has been.

Self-healing, and all healing is healing of the self, of self-discovery and definitely not easy. It can be daunting.  It’s a journey of determination, dedication, learning, letting go, and trust. Trust in yourself. Trust that you will get the help you need along the way, from who-ever or what-ever is your greater power. Knowing that you were designed to be well, whole – and magnificent.

We all want to be well and happy. It is our inherent nature. Along the way, mostly as a youngster, we get sabotaged and then continue to sabotage ourselves forever after. To stop this cycle we all need a crutch, a friend, a little helper to support us over the rough terrain and obstacles to traverse to get healed. The QSB can be all of these and more – if you let it. It isn’t however, a magic fixer. It isn’t a substitute drug or pain killer. It isn’t wand to wave and transform your life. This is only the stuff of fairy tales or day dreams.

The QSB generates Scalar frequencies (the energy that all things are made of) that will help, support, and heal all our personal energetic fields, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is the support, aid, and intelligence that makes our healing journey possible. If you want to be all that you can be, then QSB is an ally. A reliable friend to lean on. A gardening tool that will help you dig up the casual roots of your dis-ease.

But then again, as I said before, it you just want your branches of pain and physical discomfort to be “fixed”, you need to try a physician who can prescribe you drugs. The choice is yours – it always is.

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