Active verses passive protection – a rebuttal to Blueshield.

Active verses passive protection – a rebuttal to Blueshield.

I received an email from a confused customer who had read an article on Blueshield’s web site relating to active and passive devices for EMF protection.

Now before I start what might possibly turn into a rant, let me say that we make a point of not running down any of the “competition’s” products. We fully believe in different strokes for different folks and are happy to provide products and solutions to those who resonate with what we are doing, whilst rejoicing in the fact that those who don’t have other options. I wish that this ethos was shared by other solution providers!

For those of you who are not familiar, Blueshield produce a range of products that purposefully generate their own electromagnetic field with the idea that this field is beneficial and it somehow overrides the bad stuff coming at us from all directions.  I have not researched or tested this technology so am not qualified to judge it – so I won’t.

They call it active in that it is using batteries to create the field so there is an active energy input from the battery. Fair enough.

Where I have a problem is that they go on to say that anything with a coil is a passive device and simply re-radiates EMF into the body:

“Passive devices have no control on what the product emits. These frequencies could be negative or positive and ultimately long term use shows to be damaging.” 
“Coils tend to deplete the body of minerals like magnesium and calcium. This only happens if the body is under stress. Therefor these passive devices must put the body under more stress.”

Well, as many of our products contain coils, I guess they are talking about us too? 

Firstly, these Blushield people don’t understand the nature of coils and how they move energy. Any geomancer worth his or her salt knows that energy can be directed / diverted using metal (usually copper) coils as ambient life energy will readily flow along a curly path (DNA anyone?).

Is this a passive process? Well there is a technology involved in moving energy from one place to another – kind of like what a battery does .Hmm?? Not so clearly defined is it?

Secondly,would wearing a coil on its own expose you to re-radiated EMF and more stress? Possibly – to a minor degree in my opinion. You would have to do some testing on this – something Blueshield seems not to have done.

I can’t speak for all energetic / protective pendants out there but I can say that the coil does not stand alone in our Nu-Mes and other products. If you combine the coil with Reich’s technology you have a very powerful energy-moving device. Introduce crystals and you have a whole different technology all together.

Moving energy through crystals creates an energy field controlled by the crystal. The crystal will balance out energy which is chaotic (EMF) and so reduce stress to the body. This can be verified with bio-feedback testing and good old customer feedback 

I don’t expect Blueshield will understand or appreciate this technology. Perhaps they should limit their commentary to what they do understand.


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