Top Tips for Reducing EMFs in Your Home

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  • December 19, 2019
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Top Tips for Reducing EMFs in Your Home

Electro Magnetic Fields (or EMFs) are ever-present in the modern world, and exposure is often greatest in our own homes. From televisions to laptops to smartphones, we are surrounding ourselves with EMFs on all sides. If you are worried about the effect this could be having on your body and mind, you may want to think about how you can reduce your exposure to EMFs within the home. Here are some of our top tips.


Why Do We Need to Protect Ourselves?

It is very easy to understand why people think that they are not at risk from radiation in the home. While it might feel like a safe haven from the dangers and stresses of the outside world, there are invisible dangers in the form of EMFs that many underestimate, or simply don’t consider at all.

EMFs are generated by any electrically charged object and so as you can imagine, this means that avoiding them is near impossible. Without adequate EMF protection, we might be putting ourselves at constant risk from forces we do not yet fully understand.

As it is hardly practical to go completely off-the-grid, let’s take a look at some of the ways we can reduce the impact of exposure to EMFs within our homes.



Wi-Fi is one of the biggest emitters of EMF within the home. Sadly, it is also something which we have a real need for in the modern world. One of the easiest ways to limit your exposure to Wi-Fi is only having it in one room, such as an office. You should also turn off the router when you have no need for it. Steps such as this are quick and easy ways to limit your exposure without making major changes to your daily life.



Our smartphones are another emitter of EMFs, and one that we keep close at all hours of the day. Many of us even carry them on our persons when we are at home. What’s more, people also use them as alarms and therefore keep them right beside their heads while they sleep. We have no idea what this could be doing to affect our sleep patterns or wellbeing in general.

The best option is to charge your phone in a different room, and to invest in a good, old-fashioned mechanical alarm clock to help you wake up in the mornings.

As ditching your smartphone altogether is probably not an attractive option, we have some cell phone protection products that might interest you. Our RadiSafe buttons massively reduce the heat and radiation you experience when using your phone. You can also buy them both individually and in family packs so all your loved ones are safe.


Protection Products

If you would like to ensure as much protection as possible, you should take a look at the full range of EMF protection products Life Energy has to offer. One of our most popular products is the POWER P.E.BAL, as this creates a powerful protective field which harmonizes the effects of EMF in your home or work place. No matter where you place it you will benefit from the POWER P.E.BAL’S protection. What’s more, the convenient size makes it easy to take it with you on your travels, providing protection in hotels, rental accommodation, and other environments in which you likely cannot control the level of EMF.

If you prefer more focused protection for a specific room or areas within the home, then consider the Zen stones. These are available in three sizes which can be used on their own or stacked to make a very bog protective field of 29 meters (31 yards)


 Feeling Happy and Healthy in the Home

Improving the quality of your life at home is just a few steps away. If you are worried about the amount of EMF radiation in your home, you should consider the tips above, apply the principles elsewhere, and have a good look through our full range of EMF protection products. We’re confident you’ll soon notice the difference. So, take steps to protect your health and happiness and guard yourself against EMF today.


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