Is there a cure for Sleep paralysis?

Is there a cure for Sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is one of those terrifyingly mysterious conditions that has the medical profession foxed. My heart goes out to all sufferers – it must be so deeply disturbing that they dread going to bed at night.

It occurs most often when lying in a supine (face up) position, about to drop off to sleep, or just upon awaking from sleep, a sufferer of sleep paralysis realizes that they are unable to move, or speak, or cry out. This may last a few seconds or several moments, or even longer. People frequently report feeling a ‘presence’ that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil. Intense dread and terror is common. The presence is likely to be vaguely felt or sensed just out of sight but thought to be watching or monitoring, often with intense interest, sometimes standing by, or sitting on the bed. Sometimes, the presence may attack, strangling and exerting crushing pressure on the chest.

Some researchers, who have found no conclusive answers, consider that sleep paralysis may be an hallucination created by physical things occurring in the body as a result of a dysfunction or malfunction of the normal R.E.M. state of sleep. This malfunction may be brought on by life stressors or sleep deprivation.

Ask anyone who has experienced sleep paralysis whether what they experience is real or not!

With the lack of medical knowledge about the condition we are told that there is no cure for sleep paralysis. Is there though? We received this feedback about the p.e.bal and Nu-Me protective pendant.

“… Love your products. We have a P.e.bal as well as a Nu-Me pendant my family bought me. I have suffered sleep paralysis since I was14 and am now 52. I’m awake and aware of things around me but unable to move or speak. I always feel that something is sneaking up on me and about to get me. It’s a terrifying thing. Since I got my Nu Me pendant which I have hanging on the bed post next to me at night, I have not had an episode. It’s been a year now. It’s made me feel so much more secure going to sleep at night. Thank you and Best Wishes to you both.”

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