Holidays are a great time to self-heal with Scalar waves

Holidays are a great time to self-heal with Scalar waves
Holidays are a time when we do actually have some spare time, in what is for most of us a very busy life, to do some real healing. It is easy to neglect our needs is the relentless to-do-list we live. We mostly limp along learning to live with imperfect health and the related aches and pain symptoms. This becomes our norm. We accept it as just the way life is.

But we are underselling ourselves by doing this. We are making do. Existing instead of living. And to change it we have to:

• Accept that we’re worth it.

• Accept that it’s possible.

• Accept responsibly for making it happen.

It’s entirely up to us. As the saying goes ‘we have the power’ – with a little help that is.

Why do we get sick?

Now you have probably got help along the way from your doctor or even a health care professional, but it has probably only given short term relief. Helped with the symptoms and masked the cause. Only by getting to the cause can we truly heal. Every health problem and medical condition starts somewhere, has a cause.

We as human beings are complex; every thought and emotion affect us. As do all the events in our life and the traumas. We have learned from childhood to suppress our feelings – to cope, and it is by doing this we make ourselves ill. We bury what should be released and let go.

How can we get well?

But how do we learn to let go? Many of you will have already tried with the help of books, techniques, healing modalities, machines, and experts but are still stuck in the groundhog day of sickness and dis-ease. Some will have succeeded which is great, but I am writing this for those of you who haven’t – yet. It only means that your cause is well dug in and very deep, so you need some extra oomph to shake it loose and wash it away.

Scalar waves are primal. They are the basic energy of all life. What all things are made of, the fabric of life itself. Now you can’t have more oomph than that. Add to that frequency of which all life has its own, and you have something as powerful as you can get.

In healing terms, by using frequencies in Scalar waves, the fabric of life, you are shaking the human spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical  energetic field to dislodge the cause of the dis-ease. There is nothing more basic, or powerful. Life energy is being used to heal a life ailment. What could be simpler?

It is almost too simple. In this world of complexities, we have become accustomed to the more complicated and involved something is, the greater the value it has. Sound and plants used to heal have been replaced with chemicals at great cost. The wisdom of our ancestors has been forgotten or dismissed in favour of modern medicine.

if we look at why we use sound healing, plant essences, homeopathy and the like what do we discover: Frequency. We are using the frequency of the plant, tree, sound, etc to physically instigate healing. We also operate with frequencies. We indeed are treating like with like.

 Why are Scalar waves used with frequencies different then?

All other us of frequencies from plants, sound and the like affect the physical first. We ingest them, spread them on our skin, the air reverberating from them hits our physical body. This then ripples out to our other energetic fields, mental, emotional and spiritual. But like ripples on a pond from a stone the frequency is losing strength as it moves through our energetic layers.

Scalar waves, being the very core of existence, envelope the whole energy field at the same time. This makes them the perfect vehicle to deliver the frequencies. There is no lessening in their strength. Their impact is instant – and powerful.

How long will it take?

In this world of instant, pop a pill to kill the pain, we want to know exactly how long it will take to feel good, to change our life around and be bouncing with health. Well, the answer is ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Not a particularly helpful answer to most of us that want it NOW. But the answer really does rest with each of us individually.

• How much do you want to heal?

• How dedicated are you to being healing?

• How much responsibility do you take for being healed?

• What resistance do you have?

Now some of these questions can be quite confronting.

Who doesn’t want to heal?

Well – people that are getting energy from others by being ill don’t. Or if it has become their identity – they’re the guy with the gammy leg. It makes them different and feel special.

It’s not our fault that we’re sick!

It achieves nothing by appointing blame. But achieves everything by taking responsibility in KNOWING that you can facilitate complete healing, being well and feeling great.

So to truly answer the question about how long to heal depends on how determined and dedicated YOU are.

We really can help.

There would be no point to you reading this if we couldn’t offer a solution. Tell you what to do. Help you. So have a look at our Nicola Tesla-inspired Quantum Scalar Box, the QSB, that delivers healing frequencies in Scalar waves. It makes self-healing simply effective, see some comments from others that you might find interesting.

All the very best on your healing journey. Be well.


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