Still in the Dark About Insomnia?

Why we are still in the dark about insomnia!
Insomnia is on the increase. Why? Is it because of stress, life style, or merely the pace of life in this crazy world? We are told that it is somehow our fault and we need to re-evaluate our lives. The insomnia cures we try aren’t really affective? Some people give up on the alternative route and in desperation start taking drugs. This is slippery slope to waking up every morning with the feelings of a hang over without the memories of a good time to accompany it.

Insomnia is persistent! More people suffer from it than ever before. In this scientific age no effective cure has been found! Why?

As debilitating as any illness, insomnia causes more absences from work than any thing else. It causes low productivity and depression. It invades, influences and disrupts every corner of an insomniac’s life. It’s disastrous.

The increase in the inability for people to get good nights sleep is blamed on many things. On the break down of families, communities and therefore support systems. Work pressures, economic pressures, and break down of marriages. Lots and lots of reasons. But are people looking for the answer in the right place? Life has always had its difficulties so why is it reaching epidemic proportions now?

It has been scientifically proved that 90% of insomnia is caused by EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation that comes from any thing electrical and all the wires and cables that carry the current. EMF is incompatible with the human energy field. One of the affects of this is that the production of the hormone melatonin is inhibited and guess what? Melatonin is ESSENTIAL for a good nights sleep. Our “Modern World” is keeping us awake.

Extensive research into melatonin by the late Dr Neil Cherry of New Zealand proves that the pineal gland in our brains works to balance our regular metabolic cycles of sleeping and staying awake. It does this by producing large amounts of serotonin during the day (a hormone that is largely responsible for regulating mood, sensory perception, appetite and numerous other functions). At night the serotonin levels decrease and allow melatonin levels to increase allowing us to have a good night’s sleep. EMF interferes with this balance, reduces melatonin production and increases serotonin.

Besides insomnia the other health problems that are caused by this imbalance are heart disease, increased cholesterol, blood pressure, blood clots, and increased risk of stroke, mood swings and depression. Quite a list? Melatonin besides playing a necessary role in sleeping, boosts the immune system, enhances T-cells which attack cancer and virus cells and helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

So in looking to the answer for insomnia lots of other questions are answered.

Drugs, herbs, relaxation discs, diet and life style changes may help insomnia but they will never cure it – not while we live in this modern “convenient” world where we are constantly being attacked by EMF. To really cure our insomnia (and other health issues) we need to protect ourselves from that! To see ways of doing this !.


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