The hidden truth on Energy saving bulbs

The hidden truth on Energy saving bulbs

We are told that we are being eco-friendly by using energy saving bulbs – true. They save energy and money. Therefore they are good for us.


What? Are you surprised? Disbelieving even? Well it’s true, energy saving bulbs emits as much EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) radiation as fluorescent tubes and as many of us know – they definitely aren’t good for us. We all know about the real EMF nasties – computers, microwaves, cell phones and TVs, but something we are sold as good for us and the planet – hey wait a minute!

Measuring EMF

How do we know this? Can it be proved? Yes – Gauss is a common unit of measurement of magnet field strength (Gauss meters are readily available and a valuable tool for those that want to really know how much they’re affected by EMF). A Gauss meter used for biological purposes should always be “frequency weighted”. This means that it will show a higher EMF reading than those meters typically used by electricians and engineers.

An energy saving bulb has a reading of 160 to 200 mg at one inch away. Compare this with EMF radiation from a computer, which is 5 to 100 mg at 50 cm. A frequency weighted meter was used for these measurements. Most of us accept that computer monitors are not good for us! But isn’t it a surprise about energy saving bulbs?

Schools have woken up to the fact that wireless networks are harmful. Many have now removed them. Energy saving bulbs still remain. The legacy of this is an increasing number of students becoming electro sensitive. This condition is when the symptoms of EMF radiation are so severe that they make living in this modern, electrical-age a nightmare. There are no statistics as yet but many studies are currently being done on this subject.

Becoming electro-sensitive

A sixteen year old student, that we know, had been exposed to EMF from energy saving bulbs for many years. Her caring parents limited her use of the computer and how much she watched TV. They had banned her from owning or using a cell phone. They didn’t believe in microwave ovens. As intelligent, loving parents they had educated themselves about what was good and bad for their family. This included getting informed about EMF radiation. Yet their daughter became electro sensitive. She couldn’t watch the TV or use a computer – at all.

No amount of elimination of electrical devices etc from her life helped. It was only when an expert on electro sensitivity asked if she was exposed to energy saving bulbs was there any light shed on what seemed a dark and endless tunnel.

As a result of this discovery all the energy saving bulbs were removed from the school.

I wish that there was a fairy tale end to this story. That she was cured, being able to go on and enjoy a normal life. This didn’t happen. The damage that had caused her electro sensitivity was severe. She has found that it is only by protecting herself from harmful radiation that she is can lead a relatively normal life.

With out EMF protection she is completely disabled unable to live comfortably in this world where it is virtually impossible to avoid EMF radiation – including those money and resource saving, seemingly innocent little light bulbs!

This is not the end of the Energy saving bulb story! There is more! When they die, are thrown in with the rubbish where their fragile glass shatters they spill their contents – Mercury! They continue to be a health hazard – even the planet isn’t safe!

Footnote. You can now buy LED bulbs with very low emissions that use minimal power and have no mercury.


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