Swine Flu epidemic – or bird flu, cow flu, any type of flu, and you

Swine Flu epidemic - or bird flu, cow flu, any type of flu, and you

Flu is always in the news. at the moment it is the Swine Flu epidemic, last year it was Bird Flu. We are harassed and will be encouraged to have Swine flu vaccines – but do the vaccinations actually work? Will they be properly tested before being tested on us? Opinions on this vary. If our immune systems are working properly, Why would we need them at all?

Real full-blown influenza should not be confused with the common cold. A cold makes you feel lousy but mostly you can wrap up warm and still function. The flu virus knocks you out and lays you low.

But it doesn’t matter whether it is a common cold, Swine flu virus, bird flu virus or just the common influenza virus it is flourishing because the immune system is not coping. The immune system can cope adequately with flu and cold bugs – or at least a healthy immune system can. How many of us have a healthy immune system these days?





So why were our bodies more efficient at dealing with bacteria and viruses in the past? Surely with the advance of scientific research, more hygienic living conditions and a decrease in poverty we should be better armed at fighting the flu.

The simple answer is that our bodies are being bombarded by EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields also called electromagnetic radiation.) With the advent of technology we are being exposed to a hundred million times more EMF than our grand parents! Yes – 100,000,000. The increase has been so huge and so quick that our bodies can not deal with it.

And it is not only colds and flu that are taking their grip on us because our immune systems are busy fighting the foreign invader – EMF. All viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells are flourishing because our immune systems are otherwise engaged.

With the introduction of more and more technology. Cell phone towers – doing who knows what – sprouting everywhere like spring flowers. Aggressive wireless networks being installed in schools, hospitals and most homes. Children being considered under privileged if they don’t have a cell phone by the age of eight years and sleeping with computers and TV,s in the bedroom. Electromagnetic radiation is escalating – fast. People are less healthy, more stressed, suffer more insomnia and have more difficulties with relationships.

The whole quality of life is sub-standard – and it all boils down to our inability to cope with EMF.

So a Swine flu vaccine is a questionable solution when we have no resistance to ALL the flu strains. It certainly isn’t going to cure insomnia or those persistent headaches. We need to look at the problem at the grass roots and not just try and solve the consequences.

we need to address the cause before we become overwhelmed by the symptoms. We need to see EMF for what it really is and disarm it before it attacks us and does real damage. Check out our information on EMF and solutions for protection, reinforce your immune system, and don’t fear the flu bug! (law of attraction – what you fear is what you attract!)


Overhead power cable-slow death from EMF, or burnt to death!

EMF (Electromagnetic fields) Protection – are you being conned?

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