More on those pesky so-called smart meters that power companies around the world are foisting on to us without our consent.

More on those pesky so-called smart meters that power companies around the world are foisting on to us without our consent.

We have covered this subject a few times before :




And it is such an emotive issue that we will probably keep covering it, but in a nutshell the issues are:

1) Health. Smart meters pump out a significant amount of radiation that is making people sick. There is no doubt about this. We get a regular stream of emails from those suffering the effects directly after installation. Those who are not feeling immediate effects are almost certainly having their health degraded.

2) Privacy. These smart meters can track your power usage in real time. This information could easily be processed to provide a profile of you and your family’s activities through the use of your appliances / lighting.

3) Cost. It has been globally reported that the power bills go up after the installation of these meters. I have been told that they mis-read power consumption from electronic power supplies – even when they are not powering any device.

4) Fire hazard. Smart meters have reportedly been failing and causing fires with some resultant deaths.  This may not be universal as I have not heard any stories of this happening in New Zealand but there are certainly reports from the U.S.

Now I am not in any way familiar with the law and I cannot advocate any of the solutions below. So for your information only:

Solution 1: Revolution

You could do what they did recently in the Dominican Republic.



Depending on your government and the nature of the police force in your country this could be hazardous.  If you decide to go this route I have two recommendations.:

1. The more the merrier. There is strength in numbers . Collectively we can change the world if we stand together but if there is just you, the neighbor and your auntie meg you might want to do some recruiting before you start this course of action.

2. I would also recommend a number of electricians be part of this mini-revolution. I can’t work out how these guys still had power afterwards and why none of them got fried in the process!

Solution 2. Change your meter yourself.



Firstly, for the record, I have no association and am receiving no financial reward from this company. These guys sell an analogue meter and provide all the practical information and legal advice necessary to switch out your smart meter with the supplied analogue alternative. They say it is perfectly legal and that you are within your rights to do this – at least in the U.S.A. This solution may only be valid for the U.S / Canada as I know for sure that our meters here don’t work the same and are not so easy to swap.

Solution 3. Change power company.

Check the alternative power companies to see what their policies are and whether you can block the installation or get them to remove the meter. Leverage – I will buy power from you if you get rid of the meter. This works at the moment in NZ with Contact Energy (and one other company which I have forgotten the name of) and maybe others. Whether it would work elsewhere, I couldn’t say.

Big corporate brother is slowly being put in his place as we the people wake up. When we finally toss him out these meters will certainly be joining him -IMHO

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