Smart Meter Danger – Blood Analysis

smart meter danger - Blood Analysis

More and more information is coming out about the hazards of so-called “Smart Meters”.The video below is a clip from Take Back Your Power – a critical investigation of Smart Meters. More than 5,000 studies now show RF/MW radiation to be harmful to human biology, animals and plants.


Acute and chronic exposure to RF (radio-frequency) and MW (microwave) radiation can, even at very low power, lead to not only the negative health effects shown in this video, but calcium ion damage in cells, endothelial cell dysfunction, nitric oxide depletion, oxidative stress, melatonin disruption, blood-brain-barrier leakage, DNA damage, sperm damage and more. Glucose metabolism changes within the brain are observable after just minutes of cell phone use.

The mechanisms for damage from non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation exposure are now becoming clear.

Whilst attempts by campaigners all over the world are being made to stem the tide of these environmental toxins, you can take positive action to protect yourself and your family by limiting your own exposure to RF and MW-emitting devices, such as Smart Meters, cell phones, WiFi routers and devices, wireless baby monitors etc and use protective technology to support your immune system.

To view the complete film and get more information: www.StopSmartMeters.org.uk/film

If you live in the U.K then you have the right to refuse these meters and you can find out more about this here. www.DontSmartMeter.me

Here in New Zealand Contact Energy and Nova will allow you to not have smart meters installed on request and get them removed for a fee. If you are reading this and have information about your own or other countries’ regulations, please let us know so we can share.

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