RFID Credit Card EMF Protection. How to protect yourself from data thieves.

RFID Credit cards. How to protect yourself from data thieves

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There has been much publicity lately about the chips now appearing in our credit and debit cards call RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

Now these are cool at the pay counter. Just swipe them near the card machine and the card has a little electronic chat with the cash register – sharing your account details without you having to do anything as mundane or bothersome as entering your pin – and then the transaction is completed in a flash (assuming your credit is still good!)

The thing is, thieves think this tech is cool as well. All they need to do is buy a scanning gizmo for a hundred dollars or so and sidle on up near your pocket or handbag. The signal is good for a couple of inches so they don’t even need to bump into you but they still end up with your card details – number , expiry date and possibly your name as well.

These thieves are now set up to do some web or phone shopping on your account. Another gizmo allows them to copy your data onto a hotel room key and they have a clone of your card. Scary thought!

Now if you are concerned about cell phone radiation and have already invested in one of our Blockit-Pockits, the good news is that putting your cards in the inner pocket stops any would-be thieves dead in their tracks. They can’t scan and steal your data. If you haven’t already got one of these, then you can cheaply kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) with 3 styles to choose from.

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