Made in New Zealand – and much more.

Made in New Zealand - and much more.

Life energy Designs was born in New Zealand. If you look at a map of the world it is way down south consisting of two islands with Australia as it’s nearest and only neighbor of any size.

Because it is so far-flung from the hub of civilization it is still relatively pristine. Despite a lot of the native forest having been plundered by British settlers! But enough remains so that every twist in the road is a feast for the senses. This of course is why it is a favorite location for big budget films and multilingual commercials.

Auckland, where Life Energy Designs lives and where all it’s devices are conceived and made is called “The city without people”. It doesn’t matter at what time of the day or night one is in CBD of Auckland there is none of the usual bustle and crush of big cities. Yet it’s energy is dynamic. That energy manifests in our products we are sure.

So too does the energy created from the natural crystal and mineral deposits found all over New Zealand. It all mixes in an energetic brew. What a wonderful start to life for our off-springs, who when they leave our nest fly all over the globe. Although we must admit to never letting them go entirely. We keep in touch.

What a privilege to be able to bask in New Zealand’s natural abundance. It fuels,and inspires. From our office windows we can see across the waters of Waitamata Harbor to central Auckland. In the evening, watched over by the aptly-named Sky Tower, it glows and twinkles lit by an ethereal hand.

Sunset – The time when the earth is preparing for sleep and all the beauty of the day is captured.

And for all this we give thanks.


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