More News about Energy Saving Bulbs

More News about Energy Saving Bulbs

-and even more health hazards!

Energy saving bulbs are in the news again with yet even more information about health risks being disclosed as count down towards the ban on incandescent bulbs in New Zealand gets nearer.

So not only do energy saving bulbs pose a danger to our health because of the mercury they contain, the high levels of EMF(Electromagnetic fields) they emit that can eventually make us electrosensitive, and the fact that they can ignite – but now we learn that they are also harmful to our eyes.

Now D day gets closer in New Zealand when in October 2009 the government makes energy saving bulbs compulsory. More information is coming to light about how energy saving bulbs can affect our health and safety.

Optometrists are now saying that the light provided by energy saving bulbs is insufficient to read by. This obviously strains the eyes irreversibly and is causing deterioration. More and more people are needing to wear glasses which have to be updated more frequently. It was also claimed that the light that they provided in corridors and hallways was often not enough to provide safety. They caused these thoroughfares to be danger zones.

So the findings on energy saving bulbs to date are:

  • The mercury in them could either poison us, drive us mad, or both.
  • The mercury in them will contaminate (poison) the environment.
  • EMF radiation from them is so high it can cause electrosensitivity or at the very least will cause our immune system to overwork, insomnia, headaches, depression, irritability and fatigue.
  • They can suddenly ignite and are a potential fire hazard.
  • The light they emit is not powerful enough to read by and can cause deterioration of the eyesight.
  • Used in hallways their light is insufficient to ensure safety.

Government force means another choice is being taken away. But – as more true facts are given and lies uncovered. As the public become more aware. As people are making more and more demands to being treated as respected, intelligent citizens whose voice counts. As long as we don’t just say “Baa” and like sheep blindly follow those that have only a financial interest and not one of our welfare. Then we can take back our power and say “No” to D day in October 2009 (or what ever date governments in other countries give) to compulsory energy saving bulbs.

We can demand to be given an affordable alternative that is safe to us, our families and to the environment before they ban incandescent bulbs!


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