Keep Safe – World Health Organization says that exposure to Wi-Fi type radiation is a potential Class 2B carcinogen.

Keep Safe - World Health Organization says that exposure to Wi-Fi type radiation is a potential Class 2B carcinogen.

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Tablets, cellphones and other electronic devices are a parent’s best friend in many ways. They can help keep children out of trouble and even entertained. But in truth they are not really all that safe.

When a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network it is emitting electromagnetic field radiation(EMF) which is harmful to them. In reality, laptop use is one of the most dangerous aspects with regards to EMF emission. Every computer emits EMFs on various frequencies and the radiation exposure is widely accepted as fairly low-level. But in recent years research it has been shown that even low level exposures still have the potential to cause serious harm.

This means that laptops, cellphones, tablets etc., which are used close to the body, even though they are at low levels they have the potential to cause serious harm, and because of how they are used, they are also exceptionally dangerous. It may appear that EMF radiation cannot be that harmful but it is linked to many health conditions and diseases. EMF radiation can cause brain tumors, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases to name but a few.

The WHO (World Health Organization) issued a statement in May, 2011 that exposure to a Wi-Fi radiation-type exposure is classified as a potential Class 2B carcinogen.

A top researcher in the field of EMF radiation and its effects, Dr Magda Havas, a professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, found in her research that Wi-Fi routers can also be the cause of cancer and that there are many more symptoms of exposure to this type of radiation. Conditions such as cognitive and mood disorders.

Dr Mercola also reports, that whether people realize it or not, exposure to EMFs from Wi-Fi and cellphones is making us sick. Some of the more common symptoms that people experience but do not tend to associate with exposure to radiation are:



Poor memory

Difficulty concentrating




The Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering & Technology’s warning suggest that devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones should be kept at 8 inches or about 20 centimeters from the body whilst they are being used. It is also indicated in many of the studies done that children are particularly susceptible to these harmful effects caused by EMF exposure.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your children safe whilst they are using these electronic devices:

1. Preferably use a laptop that is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable rather than a tablet.

2. Laptops, tablets and other such devices should not be used on laps but on tables.

3. Limit the use of computer/table time to a specific time of day.

4. It has been shown in some studies that computer use is more harmful at night so try to avoid using these devices 2 hours before bedtime.

5. Consider installing parental control software and implement safe search functions.

6. Do not allow young children to use them often, if at all, and limit their use.

7. Purchase some protective technology that protects them against EMF’s from their devices at home and also from the EMF in places such as schools, shopping malls etc.

“I have bought quite a few different EMF protection products from you over the past year and have also recommended them to friends who have also purchased protective items from Life Energy Designs. One person asked me ‘how do you know if it is working’ my response was…I have regular Bicom sessions for health related challenges and I used to get checked regularly for radiation and need to be treated for this; sometime after using your products I realised I hadn’t been checked for this for a while, when we did the last check there wasn’t any radiation to treat…’that is how I know they are working’ :-)” Suzi Campbell, Nelson, NZ

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