10 Household Items You Might Not Realise Emit Radiation

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  • April 30, 2020
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Headphone EMFNow more than ever, creating a relaxing environment at home is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. The stress and turmoil of everyday life — and the toll it takes on our physical and emotional health — can only be counterposed by having a safe space that we can unwind at the end of each busy day.

Unfortunately, modern homes are equipped with a long list of devices and appliances that pose a significant threat to our health and wellbeing. Seemingly harmless objects are responsible for many of the afflictions that we face; from headaches to depression,

Due to the convenience of owning computers, WIFI, microwaves and smartphones, the dangers of EMF remain on the periphery, and many of us continue to struggle against these modern afflictions without the right EMF protection.

Read more about the devices that increase your exposure to EMF, and your risks of experiencing the debilitating side effects.

1. Your WiFi Router

Devices that transmit WiFi signals also emit EMF. Since very few people turn their WiFi off when they are not using it, this means that the negative consequences of exposure are being constantly felt throughout the day and night. Martin Paul, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Washington State University, has confirmed that WiFi presents significant risks to our health.

2. Your Microwave

Perhaps one of the more widely recognised sources of dangerous radiation, microwaves remain a commonplace appliance in many households. A brand new microwave will have been subject to stringent manufacturing conditions to minimise EMF leakage, but, even then, they will emit dangerous radiation into your home. What’s more, the seals age rapidly, making microwaves an increasingly potent source of EMF radiation.

3. Your Smart Television

While older, boxier television sets that used cathode ray tubes emitted more EMF than modern counterparts, today’s TVs aren’t without risks. Smart TVs connect to your home’s WiFi via a built-in wireless receiver. They operate rather like a computer, making them another source to consider when thinking about EMF protection in your home.

4. Your Computer

With the demands of modern life, it is difficult to give up using a computer entirely — although they produce a considerable level of EMF radiation. Unfortunately, many common habits we have with computers make us more susceptible to EMF. Sitting with a laptop on our laps, for instance, closes the distance we should maintain from computers; working for long periods of time without EMF protection keeps us in close proximity and, since we rarely switch our computers off after each use, they continue to release EMF into our homes.

5. Your Smart Meter

Smart meters send information about your electricity usage, straight to your supplier, circumventing the need for them to visit your home and note down your usage manually. They transmit data 24/7, meaning that they are constantly emitting EMF into the surrounding area — your home.

6. Your Wireless Headphones

The convenience of listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts and phone calls without getting tangled up in wires has made wireless headphones an increasingly popular choice over the last few years. The trouble is, like any wireless device, they transmit EMF whenever they are in use, and their placement within the ear canal makes us far more vulnerable to the dangerous consequences of EMF exposure.

7. Your Wireless Baby Monitor

Many baby monitors are sold with a warning to parents, recommending that the device is kept at least six feet away from infants. This is because baby monitors — particularly wireless devices — emit a considerable dose of electromagnetic radiation, and for young, developing brains, the consequences of using a baby monitor without the right EMF protection can be much worse.

8. Your Games Console

Like computers, games consoles constantly emit EMF radiation and communicate with WiFi. Our increased usage of wireless controllers means that information is being sent from the console to the controller too, heightening our exposure to dangerous radiation.

9. Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants such as Alexa or the Echo Dot are capable of understanding commands, answering questions, and interacting with users. While they can be a useful addition to your home, they are — like any WiFi or Bluetooth enabled device — constantly emitting EMF radiation into the surrounding space.

10. Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are virtually indispensable these days, and while they are most useful when we are on the go, many of us are in the habit of keeping them close by — or even in our pockets — when we are relaxing at home. This, despite the fact that cell phone manufacturers recommend that we keep our devices at least 10mm from our bodies, due to the EMF radiation that is constantly being produced by our phones. If, like many of us, you simply can’t do without your cell phone, then finding the right cell phone radiation protection is tantamount to your safety.

It is impossible to avoid EMF altogether, even in our own homes, as many of the devices that emit radiation have now become indispensable. Finding the right EMF protection for your home is one of the greatest commitments you can make to safeguarding and improving your health — now, and for the future.


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