Why some people heal and others don’t.

  • January 16, 2020
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Getting to the root of the issue:

Being an energy healer and, more recently, a creator and seller of scalar healing technology (the QSB), I am confronted with a recurring and profound question: Why do some people heal easily and others seemingly not at all?

I believe the answer to this question lies in a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings:

We are a collective.

If you are from a religious background then you will be familiar with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you have encountered the Law of One series, they refer to us as mind-body-spirit complexes. All cultures and traditions I believe make some reference to the fact that, whilst we consider ourselves a single unit, we are in fact three entities living together as one person.


One of these entities is obviously our body. We all have one of those – at least up until we don’t. It carries around our consciousness as its lord and master but it has agendas of its own doesn’t it? Sex/reproduction, food, water, exercise, and any of the motivators that you could attribute to just about any animal from your pet cat to the sheep in the fields. It also has another agenda item which is very pertinent to the subject of this article – we’ll get to that shortly.


That voice in your head that just now prompted you to read this article so it can’t be a bad thing can it? It is the main processor – allowing us to walk about, drive cars, and (most importantly) operate our mobile phones.

Our minds carry all our experiences to date and uses them to generate our fears and triggers that present all those whacky challenges that we have in life that work against us getting on with the people around us and getting what we want out of life – if it can ever fully decide what that is.

Compared to the body it has a lot more – and I mean a gazillion times more – agendas. Thanks to that subtle mind control called marketing, a lot of these agendas are not our own and are, at best, not particularly self-serving. What it might call its own agendas are often derivatives of the fears that most of us carry with us such as:

1. I am not good enough
2. I am not lovable
3. I don’t have enough
4. I won’t amount to anything
5. And so on….

So the mind strives to create a life that presents you as the best, most lovable, wealthy, successful person that you can be perceived to be by (usually). It often does this by coveting and consuming all those great products, services, and experiences that it bought into the promise of for negating those nagging fears and doubts.

And oh, how it likes to chatter away doesn’t it? If you are a meditator you will have certainly looked at its inane chattering objectively. But stop here! What is observing the mind chattering away?


The third member of our team is the more mysterious of the three.

It is the light behind our eyes as we look upon a loved one or the beauty of creation.

It is the part of us that is to SOURCE what your last breath out is to the air in our lungs.

It is the quiet whisperer encouraging us to love more, be kinder, be wise, and to be present.

If this seems like multiple agendas, I would beg to differ.

It has one agenda – to lead us home.


And so, with this refreshed understanding, we come back to the question – why do some people heal and others not?

The answer in a nutshell – differing agendas.

Coming back to that other agenda of the body – it kindly manifests our issues, fears, and imbalances as physical ailments to provide information and incentive for the mind to get busy and sort them out.

The spirit is 100% on board with this process and will be quietly whispering in your ear “sort this out, get this healed”. It will most likely be nudging you towards healers and healing tools that will help in your healing journey. It has full access to all knowledge of all possibilities on the planet so it would be wise to pay attention.

The mind is more likely to be NOT on board with this and herein lies the resistance and the answer to our question. It will very often happily walk around in a pain-filled body resisting all attempts to heal and move forward because it fears the healing journey.

The mind, also known as the ego, fears its own annihilation with a passion.

It is aware of its own mortality.
It knows that the immortal spirit seeks reunification with SOURCE in the moment of perfect balance and the end of the divine in-breath that marks the finishing line of our waltz around the Universe collecting experiences to bring Home.

So, like the kid on the swings not wanting to obey mum’s call to dinner, it resists. In fact, your mind is probably resisting right now as its agendas are brought out into the open but if you have made it this far I would say there is great hope for your healing journey.



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