The 5G Alarm Clock – Waking up to a new humanity.

  • May 26, 2020
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I have a theory about 5G which you probably haven’t heard before.5G alarm clock

Besides being extremely detrimental to all forms of life on this planet and, arguably, totally unsuited to telecommunications there is one very important function associated with its roll out across the planet: it is waking us up!

The frequencies being used for 5G are currently being used in weapons systems called active denial. Despite the intentional harm being caused by similar technology, there has been zero research done on the health effects of having 5G installed on a lamp post outside our homes – short or long term.

Whether you believe that it is benign technology or not, rolling it out wholesale without care or concern to our wellbeing is clearly brutal and tyrannical to all but those with the most blinkered vision.

If you are unable to see the lack of humanity behind this initiative from a purely informational perspective then the practicality of being exposed to 5G directly or through the experiences of loved-ones, brings it clearly into view. Even the least sensitive of us are feeling the negative effects and getting sick.

Here are some examples of peoples’ experiences with 5G:

“AT&T just rolled out their 5G,” wrote Gwen from Mount Shasta, California on January 26. “I am now experiencing severe dizziness and head pains, hearing disturbances and eyes becoming sore. My neighbor has been experiencing the same.”

“I was ready to flee for my life a couple of days ago after I went into town and experienced 5G for the first time,” wrote Pat from Japan on February 29. “What surprised me was not my own body’s reaction to it, but the neuropsycho¬logical effects I was seeing in people around me. That was scary.”

“We have a 5G 3.6GHz mast within 300m of our home,” wrote Angela from Australia on March 1. “Poor health and being tired have become normal for so many of my neighbours.”

5G is now being commonly linked to Covid 19. This is not limited to discussions in conspiracy circles either. Your average, intelligent, critical-thinking man in the street is coming to this same conclusion. Also highly qualified and experienced doctors are describing the symptoms associated with 5G exposure as being very similar to those attributed to the virus. Statistics also show a direct correlation between virus cases and 5G infrastructure.

San Marino has had 99% coverage of 5G since December 17, 2018, with both 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz frequencies in operation. Today San Marino has by far the highest rate of COVID-19 cases and the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per 1,000 population in the world.

Doctors are doing their own research on this too. See Dr. Magda Havas’ research here:

So this virus lockdown situation is acting as a magnifying lens to the whole subject of 5G and EMF in general. Our emf protection products are flying out the door as fast as we can pack them, our governments are warning us about crazy conspiracy theories relating to 5G and Covid 19, and people are actually burning down 5G towers – 17 so far in New Zealand alone as I write this. Link:

So the wake up is happening and what we are collectively waking up to is the blatant inhumanity of the system we are living in. This is not a pleasant experience to go through and is generally resisted vigorously as it puts us into new and uncomfortable territory: self-responsibility.

Self-responsibility is kind of the adult phase to our collective adolescence. It is about recognizing our own power and sovereignty and discerning the information we receive and the experiences we are having. It is about taking responsibility for our own lives. It is about reclaiming our humanity.

If you can remember your own teenage years you will recall it as being a scary and confusing time. Sound familiar?

So here we are, collectively on the verge of our coming of age. What a glorious world we could create with our awakened sovereignty and humanity – with our respect and love for each other, all life on this beautiful planet, and the planet itself.

But, the first job in our awakened state – turn off the damned 5G alarm clocks!!!



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3 thoughts on “The 5G Alarm Clock – Waking up to a new humanity.

  • AM

    This article arrived within minutes after sending your team a copy of my message. I’ll post it here. It was addressed to LA Skywatch in California.


    I think LA Skywatch can do a much more forward job restoring people’s rights by discussing and using information supplied by George Webb that ties together what the crimes and crime scenes are related to aerosolized bioweapons engineered since WWI. This history and these facts are vital to peeling back layers of helplessness to give frustrated people the right words, phrases and ideas as their own ammunition to fight their own human rights challenges.

    You know I do not speak lightly when I correspond. Your group meeting with software that plugs your efforts straight into the CCP and all milit. channels is not that effective because that software can also deliver brainwave suppression. You must know this. Students have hated using non-dynamic virtual learning once they were forced to engage that way.

    An interesting personal note is that the last time I visited your group in Santa Monica, I got up and mentioned that I had met Adm. Stavridis. This relates to the current work of George Webb and facts uncovered about NATO as a bioweapons courier.

    I showed the book Stavridis signed to me in 2017, ‘Sea Power.’ Interestingly, a person in your group immediately showed a satanic hand symbol against his chest as I spoke. I was so distracted and he was so agitated that I almost forgot what I was saying but got past it.

    This kind of spell-casting by members of cults is quite real, and I acknowledge this, but that does not mean our efforts to try and correct the overreach of these cults cannot be stronger.

    In reading ‘Sea Power,’ Stavridis speaks of ‘medical diplomacy’ for NATO and also how Haiti, in his words, is simply ‘the unluckiest’ country in the world. As we are finding out now, via Webb’s investigative work that you can see online, NATO’s role in the exchange and trade of human blood was no light or lucky accident.

    This kind of factual disclosure would help the members of LA Skywatch see their way to better understanding how the aerosols and electronix came to be developed at such dangerous levels over 8o years. That is as important as knowing how the weaponry works on us–to know who did this to us in this world right now. This was no overnight program or single purveyor.

    My note below is to a retired congressional chief of staff. I am an ex-communications coordinator for a state senator. Ex-legislative colleagues from Senate & Congressional offices correspond, just as do other lifelong colleagues. I shared with them Webb’s work:

    Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 7:05:24 AM PDT
    Subject: NO SINGING: OC Board of Supervisors to debate Resolution Determining Houses of Worship as Essential Services

    Your focus on that Gates talk about ‘activation of the brain’ via religious activities applies to this matter below up for debate. You really thought about that vid where Gates proposed his vax for dulling the brain from being activated by any religious fervor. You were correct catching the importance of his claim as it relates to the current lockdown.

    THIS suppression of brain function for religious engagement is why, in my view, the mandate to exclude SINGING and assembly of groups over 100 is being pressed. There is electromagnetic charge when people gather, and even more when they raise their voices altogether. There is stimulus of the brain by the assembly of many all at once. The raising of voices and heart palpitations raises the energy level in a locale. Raised frequency spreads to all surrounding life.

    This raised frequency level is exactly what is not desired as power-grabbing forces lay their bioelectrical net over humans using synthetic medical and technical tools. The air must be stifled. People’s oxygen levels must be reduced. People’s hearts that shone with love must be dimmed with doubt and fear, all this in order for known disease-producing frequencies to keep permeating the skin, neurons, brains and organs of living humans.

    This is no assumption. The tests for all this suppression of people’s immune systems have been going on for 80 years by the ones that investigative reporter George Webb mentions. He gives the history. The groups trying to build their power started with the blood samples and tests from both sides of the world in post WWII bioweapons development. His work follows precise investigative steps to show who would gain from this and why.

    When he challenges the current narratives to narrow down this pathway as to who would have the MEANS to create such specialized vaccines, and be able to courier the illegal cargo (the blood samples) internationally so they can be worked and tested upon living subjects, particular perpetrator suspects become clear. It’s a narrow band of people with special access. Many clouds of fear and despair held over populations by media puppets, such as this hearing below, are supposed to hide who these suspects are, but that cloud is being lifted by very able investigators such as George and many others piercing the veil right now.

    If the traditional knowledge of cathedrals as enormous battery centers for communities was known rather than an argument of any other type used, there would be no contest for those wanting to open churches to win this debate that should not even have to occur. Your focus on that video clip was clear. Thank you.

  • Kevin Carney

    I’m in no hurry to purchase a 5G phone. I will wait till the very last minute if I have to buy a 5G phone.

  • MixBlers

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂


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