Rajeev Bhadresa

  • January 28, 2022
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Informative and interesting

Thanks very much for an informative and interesting newsletter. I have not really looked at the website or the products since buying one of your earlier designs (must be a few years now as I can’t see it on the website). I was drawn to it as my father has recently had a brain tumour and I work with computers and have been wondering a lot about Wi-Fi recently. Also, the resonance video had me enthralled for the whole 1 and a half hours and that takes some doing as normally I struggle to sit still and watch for that period of time.

Please feel free to share the feedback. My father is doing well thanks and following his conventional treatment path….I may have a look and get him the P.E.Bal or a Nu-Me to help reduce the EMF impact – in hindsight, he worked closer and for long periods next to a Wi-Fi router than I would like to think is safe.

The video was certainly not dry or boring as I’d initially expected – some very interesting information and very well presented I thought.

Rajeev Bhadresa


Pam, USA

Kendall Webb,USA