Anne Marie, NZ

  • December 27, 2019
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I bought one of your Negaters just before Christmas, bought it home and put it on my coffee table. My husband came home and said “is this it, is this what you bought with the money I gave you” I said “yes” as he shrugged his head.

My husband has not slept well for many years only averaging about 4/5 hours sleep. Since having it he has been sleeping so well and deep, ha ha lol!!! , he is more relaxed and chilled out. He still will now admit that your device has had such an effect as he is a staunch skeptic!!

As for me, I was chilled out before and now I just float My dreams are more vivid, I sleep even deeper too.

Anyway thanks for producing this wonderful invention and I will certainly pass this on,

Anne Marie, NZ


S. Van Houten, USA

John Hillier, NZ