Jeanien, NZ

  • January 28, 2022
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Happy bubble

I have since purchased a compact Nu-Me and received the free Negater and am absolutely blown away by how different I feel since wearing the pendant!

I feel more confident, relaxed, am no longer nervous and anxious for people to get upset and angry (because I always used to pick up on that) and feel so protected!
It’s like being in a happy bubble! I’ve worn it now for a week and placed it under my pillow at night and at times put it straight onto a chakra if I felt it was needed.. I’m a huge fan!!

I gave the Negater to my daughter and she’s stronger and happier for it too! She has it under her pillow to help her sleep peacefully at night! My intent is to get one for my son as well.

The P.e. bal is very powerful. It was a little bit too unsettling for me to have next to my bed but it works a treat in the office! Lots of love and blessings to you both and a huge thank you for making such amazing products!!

Jeanien, NZ


Laura, Australia

Marie Brad Ewing, NZ