Elizabeth, posted on QSB Forum

  • September 16, 2020
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I am sensitive to EMF. Until I wore a protective pendant, not Life Energy, I would feel as though I had a recurrence of Chronic Fatigue. These times of feeling totally wiped out coincided with several things in particular:

– visits to a prison to see a friend
– teaching once a week at a school near Wellington airport
– magnetic storms
– solar flares

For some years I wore a pendant which helped for a couple of years but I became aware it wasn’t strong enough for me. After two visits to Rimutaka prison I had to stop visiting. I would have to stop the car and sleep for half an hour on the way home as my eyes were closing with exhaustion. This was a drive of 1 1/4 hours which normally wouldn’t trouble me at all. That was nearly three years ago.

Today I returned to visit, but this time wearing my Nu-Me Skinny pendant. The result: not a yawn on the way home. I was and am fine.

I didn’t need proof of the strength of Life Energy devices, but this is ample proof for me.



Andreas Hellweger, Austria

Matt Sena, US