Carolyn, New Zealand

  • January 28, 2022
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Shell Shield helps with pet anxiety

As you know, I have been purchasing your products personally for many years and have also given them as gifts. I love your website as it is bright and fresh, and easy to browse through to get a complete understanding of what one needs or wants.

I just wanted to tell you about the great effect of your Negator Shell. For Christmas, I got a new kitten who right from the beginning slept each night in the laundry room. She adjusted well to the family but still  cried when put to bed and sometimes had accidents outside of her litter box. After a few weeks of this I wondered what could I do better to make her more comfortable as she had good food, two warm beds and lots of toys to play with. I decided to put one of your Negator Shells in the laundry room between her two beds. Wow, right after that, no more crying, no more accidents and now when we are ready to go to bed at our usual time, she actually waits outside the laundry room door for me to put her to bed in her now “special” room. Thanks for such great products and a very content kitten.

Night night…sleep tight!

Carolyn, New Zealand


Tino, Botswana

Kendall Webb, USA