Silent Sterilization: Can EMF Exposure Decrease Fertility?

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  • April 4, 2020
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EMF and fertility problemsWhen you are hoping to start a family, any delays or issues with your or your partner’s fertility can be nerve-racking, frustrating and, at times, devastating. Even if you are not yet ready to conceive, knowing that approximately 15% of couples struggle with fertility problems can be a great source of anxiety for the future, and finding ways of protecting your sexual health and fertility is vital to your physical well-being, and peace of mind.

Since 1964, the World Fertility Rate has halved, and while it is true that many factors influence fertility issues in men and women, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that rapidly increasing environmental toxins in the form of EMF radiation are compromising our ability to have children. Read more about the impact modern life is having on our bodies, and our ability to conceive.

EMF and Women’s Fertility

To a certain extent, women are capable of keeping a closer eye on their fertility than men, as they are able to track their menstrual cycle, and notice subtle changes in their bodies’ rhythms that may require a pre-emptive visit to the doctor.

Unfortunately, your menstrual cycle only tells half the story. The reasons we experience problems with our fertility can be far more insidious, and can gradually decrease your fertility over time, and in ways that are very difficult to detect.

While the more immediate side effects of overexposure to EMF radiation range from headaches to depression, the impacts of long term exposure are far more severe. If you do not use EMF protection products, then dangerously high levels of radiation from your electrical devices, cellular towers and phones can disrupt cellular homeostasis, and cause damage to DNA.

Numerous studies have been made into the effect EMF radiation has on women’s fertility. It has been shown to impair follicle development which, in turn, prevents the release of eggs during the ovulation cycle.

Similarly, EMF has been consistently linked to oxidative stress in many areas of the body, and there is strong evidence to suggest that long term overexposure to EMF radiation causes damage to the female reproductive system.

EMF and Men’s Fertility

A great deal of attention has been given to the effects EMF can have on male fertility; unlike eggs, sperm cells are stored ‘outside’ of the body in the testes, making them even more vulnerable to radiation.

Since EMF exposure damages our bodies on a cellular level, habits such as keeping your phone in your pocket without cell phone radiation protection, using your laptop on your lap, and leaving your WiFi turned on when you are not using it, all significantly increase your exposure to EMF radiation. Without the right EMF protection products in place, overexposure can have significant consequences for the production of healthy sperm.

A high sperm count, healthy morphology, and good motility all increase your chances of conception, and prolonged overexposure to EMF radiation has been shown to inhibit all of these factors. The decline in the World Fertility Rate follows the recent technological advancement; daily use of phones, fourth (and fifth) generation mobile broadband, wireless devices and Wi-Fi are but a few examples of how drastically our exposure to EMF radiation has increased, and numerous studies have corroborated our understanding that fertility is vulnerable to environmental toxins.

Keeping Safe

If you are planning to start a family one day, then making a conscious effort to limit your exposure to EMF radiation is vital to your fertility. Consider the sources of EMF in your home; WiFi, ‘Smart Devices’ that emit wireless communications, phones, microwaves and computers are just a few examples. Even if you are not suffering from electrosensitivity, your body is absorbing radiation — and suffering the consequences — whenever you are exposed, and giving yourself space and time away from these sources is essential.

In reality, though, it is difficult to avoid all sources of EMF. We require phones and computers for work, which means long hours of exposure to radiation, and many of us would find it an inconvenience to switch off our WiFi routers in the evenings. What’s more, leaving our homes exposes us to many unavoidable sources of EMF, from cellular transmitters to airplanes, all of which can potentially decrease your fertility and make it much more difficult to conceive.
The levels of EMF radiation we are exposed to each and every day is expected to rise dramatically in the near future, and investing in EMF protection products that offer reliable shielding against the dangers of radiation is paramount to your health and wellbeing — now, and in the years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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