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Let the products do the work – energetically benefiting both your business and your customers.

Be the first in your neigborhood to sell these revolutionary energetic devices that have been hand-crafted with integrity in New Zealand.

Your customers will feel the energy and know these are very special products. Sell a few and then watch the referral sales soar.

Check some of your benefits:

  • Energetically balance your shop / work-space. Your customers will be attracted in and won’t want to leave. hint: you can tell them why! (will also cleanse and energize all your crystals!)
  • The energy is tangible. Some people can feel crystal energy. Almost all people will feel the energy coming off the p.e.bal(pyramid energy balancer). Great demonstration, brilliant ice-breaker, guaranateed attention-getter.
  • Stunning looking. The face of the Nu-Me pendants is an energetic labarynth that instantly fascinates and attracts attention.The pyramid shape is well established in the human psyche and is sure to attract.
  • Great margins.
  • Ongoing referral sales.
  • Expanding product line for repeat sales to your satisfied customer base.

And some of your customers’ benefits:

  • Space-cleansing: No more historical disturbed energy and then ongoing cleansing.
  • Healing: These are healing instruments that work directly on the human energy field.
  • Protective: Negative entities, negative energy, Electro-Magnetic pollution, Geopathic Stress…
  • Insomnia cure: 95%+ success rate, often with chronic long-term cases.
  • Night terrors cure: 100% success and they say there is no cure! You can safely guarantee it . We have never had a failure.
  • Meditation aid: Incredibly calming to the mind.
  • Water energizer: works with food as well.
  • And more……. browse the web site for more details.

“- on occasions when I had lower back pain I laid on my stomach and placed the p.e.bal on my the area of pain on my back and rested for a bit until I felt my body shiver and the pain was released from my back. Very cool!!!

– after complaints from guests that one corner of the kitchen at our Circle of Miracles Ministry school felt particularly negative even after people had tried to clean the area I placed one of my p.e.bals on the top of the refrigerator in the corner and left it there for a while (few days). After I got it back the reports for the room were unanimous, the negative energy was gone from the room.”
Lynne Okaily. New Zealand.

Our testimonial page needs an overhaul – it has too many testimonials on it! But we suspect you would like to try out our products for yourself.

We have 20 one-off below wholesale sample packs available.

Includes the p.e.bal & a silver Nu-Me pendant (your choice of 3 styles).

Limit one sample pack per city on a first-come, first-served basis.

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