Releasing trauma to heal in the time of global turmoil

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  • April 5, 2022
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What is healing?

If you have read anything I have written about healing before you will know my perspective on illness and the process of healing.

In a nutshell, from a quantum physics perspective, we are Consciousness, manifesting from energy instructed by information in the form of frequency.

Building on this understanding, what ails us must be some form of disturbed energy or disharmonious pattern integrated with the self. These patterns are created by the stress created between the truth we hold within us -that we are perfect divine beings co-creating alongside the Universal Creator, and the lies we take on board that we are somehow not worthy or deserving.

These lies are sourced from ignorant or unkind people who ignorantly or willfully planted these original demon seeds during our formative years and which have been strengthened and augmented by a world that is a perpetual melee of disharmony.

In an ideal state we would be in balance with ourselves – mind, body, and emotions – whilst being in balance with our local and wider environment without harboring any toxic emotions, thoughts, or substances. We would have zero stress and would be in a state of perfect health.

If you are not a newborn or have not spent a lifetime meditating in a cave, and you have gotten to this point in history on this planet without being traumatized, without issues, and corresponding illness then you are some sort of saint to be revered!

Turmoil afoot

So here we are in 2022 (at the time of writing) after an already insane world has shifted up at least two gears and gone full-on whack-a-do. How best can we navigate these times and are there actually opportunities being presented to help us heal?

I have written about the division we are facing as friends and family members fall either side of a widening divide (See here). Add grief over loved ones passing, illness, job loss, uncertainty, increasing homelessness, and financial strife to the mix, to name just a few things people are suffering right now, and we have all the ingredients of a perfect storm.

What tends to happen for us humans is that old, unprocessed traumas get recycled back into our lives. If we are detached enough to be philosophical, we can say that this is another opportunity to process and release this unwanted baggage.

Traumas revisited

Some obvious examples of old traumas/issues coming back as turmoil-related traumas to haunt us are:


If you opted out of the medical procedure against government, media, and social pressure then this may well have put you at odds with family and friends who went along with it (this could well work the other way, of course).

We have heard many a sad tale of grandparents being barred from visiting their grandchildren. I could not imagine another situation more likely to evoke a feeling of rejection.


So many of us struggle with feelings of unworthiness. Maybe as children, we had a sibling who we felt received more praise and love, leaving us feeling “less-than”.

How likely would it be that we revisit these feelings if we are turned away from cafes, restaurants, and hairdressers because of our medical choices and a lack of a “pass”.


So many relationships have stretched to breaking point with the stress of locked-down living and divisive beliefs. Many couples have become singles and feelings of abandonment can easily result.


When you end up on the other side of the medical choice-induced divide from a loved one it would be easy to feel betrayed by that person – particularly if they decided to punish you for your beliefs and choices.


If you have lost your job in the current financial upheaval and are now struggling to provide for your family, this could evoke feelings of shame even though there is no blame to be had in most cases.

What can we do?

So what can we do with all this revisited trauma? The answer is to FEEL IT in its entirety. SCREAM, CRY, SHOUT, RANT, EXPRESS… until the well runs dry and we are released from its grip.

This is what we should have done the first time around but most of us are so messed up by variations of “big boys don’t cry” that we put a great big granite lid on our emotions when trauma visits us – trapping these destructive demons where they can fester and lay waste to our wellbeing over the years.

Maybe it is time to smash the granite lid once and for all. If we can step back and become conscious of the process we are going through rather than just be washed away in the river of unfolding drama then there are surely golden opportunities to be had – to help us greet the new dawn released from some burdens and feeling a lot lighter.

Ending where I started:

“from a quantum physics perspective, we are Consciousness, manifesting from energy instructed by information in the form of frequency. Building on this understanding, what ails us must be some form of disturbed energy or disharmonious pattern integrated with the self.”

We can use energy tools to help release trauma at the root energetic level. Our QSB provides a deep physical, emotional, and mental “energetic massage” with frequencies designed to help release trauma completely.

…….I have had a problem with rejection all my life. After intending for healing of that during one session of Solfeggio 9 that seems to have disappeared. In short, the QSB is a miracle device for which I am supremely grateful. I know the onion has many layers, and I have had many onions to deal with in my life, but my spiritual understanding is that there is no health problem that cannot be healed with the right attitude and ‘tools’. It seems a tall order!! But as I see it, the QSB helps to unlock that mystery…….. Elizabeth Salmon


Finding Peace in The Great Divide.

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