QSB Testimonials


Thanks for incredible Quantum Scaler Box producing relaxing harmonizing energy in my home in London. It turned it into a magical flat and all my neighbours are asking me who got me that magical device making everyone relaxed and happy. Roberto Real, London, UK

Via reseller Robert Hawk

I have been using my QSB and it’s fabulous! I put it on early in the morning when we are still in bed and we all sleep sounder, even the dogs! I have the PE Bal on top too as suggested 🙂 CG, Australia

I feel very happy with my QSB. I feel calmer and feel better when I use it and less anxiety. I have also noticed that I have been able to reduce some of my sedatives (benzodiazepines) ? Håkan, Sweden

I’m excited reading about people’s experiments with water so late this arvo I put just one mouthful of water in a glass next to my QSB and ran it on automatic for 1 hour, 15 minutes (I use a timer which has just 15 min periods). I started small cos I tend to have intense reactions. I drank the water immediately at the end. Within a few minutes I was burping away very regularly for 25 minutes and now, 2 hours later, just the odd burp here and there, which is definitely a detox. Digestive issues have been with me most of my life. From The QSB forum

For over two and a half years I have had to sleep in a LazyBoy because of shoulder, back and hip pain. While the hip and back pain resolved itself earlier this year the shoulder pain has remained. It became a big problem after a fall two months ago. I have used a frequency for neck and shoulder pain for some days now, running the programme daily. Part of the problem is muscular so yesterday I added a sequence for muscular repair.I began to sleep in my bed again two weeks ago but shoulder pain was still a problem. This morning I woke realising that there had been no pain during the night and that I could raise my arm freely. Rotating it behind me has improved although still a problem to be worked on. This is the muscular issue.

My QSB is used several times a day. I run Solfeggio while I sleep, having adjust the times to 20 minutes for each frequency. This makes a total of 3 hours.

The arthritis in my hands is hardly painful now.

The sequences are as follows for anyone interested:

SHOULDERS:  174 / 261 / 285 / 741 / 852      10-20 minutes per frequency
MUSCLE REPAIR: 120 / 240 – 30 minutes per frequency
ARTHITIS either  174 / 261 / 285 / 741 / 852  (dowsed)  (as for shoulders)
or       174 / 285 / 396 / 741 / 852  (dowsed)

For well over two years I walked with a walking stick, slowly with difficulty. I have/had a spinal stenosis and quite a few issues with my spine. I haven’t used the stick this year, but I have lacked energy and motivation to do things, very unlike me. After a short time with the QSB I am achieving so much more during the day. I feel alive again and keen to do things with my day. I fall asleep at night with the QSB running and sleep well. I am dreaming again. I have had a problem with rejection all my life. After intending for healing of that during one session of Solfeggio 9 that seems to have disappeared.

In short, the QSB is a miracle device for which I am supremely grateful. I know the onion has many layers, and I have had many onions to deal with in my life, but my spiritual understanding is that there is no health problem that cannot be healed with the right attitude and ‘tools’. It seems a tall order!! But as I see it, the QSB helps to unlock that mystery. I have asked for a spiritual group of helpers to be part of my intending group to intensify the power of intention. There are more issues to be worked on but it’s a matter of priorities without overload.

Thank you David and Margie again and again. Elizabeth Salmon

As the result of a near death experience in 2002, I am what is considered a walking miracle, but also a trauma-onset diabetic. When I was literally dying in the hospital, my organs were shutting down, and then my husband sat beside my bed and sang me a love song, and I turned around and came back to life, all except for my pancreas so I have been diabetic for 16 years now. The doctors told me that it was temporary, that my condition would reverse itself, but that hasn’t happened until the QSB!

I have been using my QSB daily for a week, and during that time, I am thrilled to say that I have been able to reduce my insulin by five units! That is a gigantic shift for me, and it suggests that my pancreas is regaining strength!

I have very tight control over my glucose readings, so I expect to be able to update you periodically about progress with this condition! I can’t even begin to tell you what this means to me.

You may feel free to quote me on your newsletter and I will make a posting about it.

I have a list of things that I will be tracking, but none of them are quite as dramatic as this is. I think you guys have a tiger by the tail! Sheila Van Houten, U.SA

More from Sheila:

February 2019 will mark our first year with our QSB! I am so pleased to itemize our experiences with it!

My husband requests a double session as soon as he gets home from work. He settles back in his chair and immediately starts snoring! The QSB takes away all of his aches and pains from his very physical career!

My list is much longer, so here we go:

The first thing that happened was that I have been able to reduce my insulin intake by a full third, and it has held all year! I am a trauma-onset diabetic, and I am so pleased with this result. It means my pancreas is working better!

Next, I am so happy to say that the tiny little body spasms that I was experiencing all over in very random order have totally disappeared. I am very relieved because I was a little concerned that something was developing neurologically.

Next, I notice that I am stronger, steadier, calmer, even my hand writing has improved, and I find it very easy to stay in my optimistic frame of mind without drifting into worry and concern!

My eyesight, and the eyesight of a client, has improved noticeably. We are both on a homeopathic for slight cataracts, and neither of us want eye surgery which does not even prevent them from coming back, so we are delighted.

My clients love the QSB, and several of them have purchased one. They have given me raving reviews about their experiences, including the fact that their pets love to be around when the QSB is running!

One of my clients has had a permanent unblocking of the nerves in her left arm! It happened with her very first experience with the QSB right here in our living room!

Another client, a new widow, has been able to work through her grief so much more easily now that she has her USB, and her new little puppy loves it as well.

I will be 75 in February! I neither look nor feel that old! I give great deal of credit to the QSB and your other amazing products, which we do have and use, like the beautiful shell negator and the Aventurine infinity loop.

I forgot to mention that a very troublesome scar-tissue issue which carried an emotional load with it from 54 years ago, is totally resolved!  No more pain on any level!  I even forgot to mention it, the relief is that complete!  Wow! Scar-tissue issues are very common I have found, and so often, there seems to be no relief that works.

 Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD Expert Career-and-Life Coaching Since 1979 

Love your video – heaps of awesome info! I’m now using mine every day and it’s pretty amazing, I can feel the changes, gets ‘harder’ then things drop away (I can feel it in my teeth sometimes too) Is an amazing device. Am going to put the frequencies into the rose water that goes into our face creams and sprays. We have been infusing everything in our production area with solfeggio music five days a week which I’m sure has helped. Triona Daly, Wendyls, New Zealand

A friend of mine commented in the last fortnight that she can feel the calmness at my place.

She’s never mentioned that before in the many years I’ve known her….I did notice that the first time I ran the QSB at home – me, my partner and my daughter all went to bed and were sound asleep much earlier than usual (about 8.30/9.00pm instead of about 10.30pm). That was an interesting side effect! Claire V Wellington

I’ve been using it every day and it’s been a very interesting process so far, a lot of stuff coming up and then today I’m feeling wonderful, am loving it!  My friend who has Crones disease is going to come over next week and give it a try. Triona from Wendyl’

I have adrenal fatigue and have to sleep often during day for an hour or two………. I am using the QSB during this time or even while studying…  first couple of times, I really noticed nothing and have very close to me.. however after a week, I noticed I started getting frustrated and angry when first put on while trying to get to sleep – not sure if just my state of mind/emotions or QSB bringing up stuff.. but then after a session or two (going through the frequencies) I find myself more energised and less stress – and I have an exam this week!!  So happy to feel less stressed..  I love having my QSB and knowing what potential it has. Kimmaree – QSB forum

“Thank you for the very prompt delivery of our QSB!! We have already tried it out – fantastic. Our energy junkie cat soon found us and had to join in too.” Audrey Hawks Bay, NZ

“Loving the QSB I purchased from you recently. My insomnia of the last 5 years has completely disappeared since the first night I started using it, as has my digestive issue. Quite miraculous and instant!!!!” Lisa S, Lower Hutt.

“By the way, I am loving my QSB, am sleeping better, have more energy and have a feeling of calmness. Great stuff!” Merrilyn NZ

“By the way loving the qsb 🙂 Both my husband and i had quite full on effects to begin with – headaches and strange aches and pains. We knew it was working its magic. I love it -, especially for my mediations. I can’t wait to have the time to explore different frequencies tailored to our own needs. Haven’t introduced it to my psych-k clients yet – want to play around with muscle testing for individual use etc first. Thanks to you and your team for creating such beautiful products :-)” Hester, NZ

“I sprained my ankle quite badly coming down the stairs the other week. This sort of injury can take quite a while to heal, I know. As a woman in my seventies, they can take a little longer. Anyway, I had the presence of mind to start using the QSB right away. Well, I could feel some serious tingling going on in my ankle during treatment. After 2 days, yes 2 days, it was completely healed – Amazing!” Jenny, South Island New Zealand.

“I mainly purchased a QSB for my insomnia, as I have major problems with sleeping. Has been a major issue in my life for many years. I have tried everything imaginable. Under recommendation, I have the QSB on a timer for when I go to bed for 70 minutes and again in the morning before I rise. The results happened on the first night.I now look forward to bedtime instead of dreading each evening. Had forgotten how a good nights sleep felt. I am a different person already and its only been a week. Debbie, Waipu, New Zealand.

“My experience with the QSB has been positive. For some reason it really clears up my sinuses! Not sure why but it does an amazing job. My husband now sleeps without loud snoring which is wonderful for both of us. My two cats, rescue cats, also now sleep well. Being rescue cats they came with a lot of stress. They like to sleep in the room with the QSB. They used to sleep on the bed with me now the QSB seems to be preferable – unless I turn it off before they go to bed! I told my son about the QSB and he has now purchased a QSB. He received the upgrade package, experimented with single frequencies and has had positive results. He has had a very nasty flu and found much relief in the QSB. He told me today that he turns it on as soon as he gets home.” Dr Liz Tatum PhD

“Thanks!! I receive my order and find the QSB -simply amazing!! I use it every morning for 1 – 2 cycles during meditation -it is powerful and uplifting. Later in the day, I may I use it again to combat a depressive mood – the QSB eases these unconscious traumas which sometimes surface. For this alone, it’s invaluable.” Lavonne V., Canada.

Do you have a YouTube about the QSB frequencies?  I use it all the time in my apartment and even my neighbours feel better!   My neighbour told me that her apartment feels so cosy she never wants to go out and I told her that I know why and even showed her the QSB. Donna, USA

“I love the QSB and left it on all night. I definitely feel the subtle effects on my body and felt wonderful when I woke up this morning. I also felt the air in my room had become energized, so I was wondering if drinks and foods in the apartment can also be affected and what is the range of the QSB since scalar waves can go thru walls.” Eddie Wooster NSW Australia.

“Love my QSB and my Ki- ball.  Go to sleep with the QSB running every night and sleep well.” Caitlin Grace

“My experience putting the QSB + Power PE BAL underneath my seat has been fantastic. It’s clear that there is more going on than with a purely QSB session. I’d describe it as your website describes: structured as opposed to simply emanated.” Matt Sena, USA

“I have to share something rather puzzling and, to me, amazing about my initial experience with the QSB. As soon as I had unpacked the device I sat down to experience it in a state of great anticipation. I dutifully turned off all Wi-Fi in my home, followed the instructions, sat for an hour and ten minutes in a state of the most intense meditative state I have ever experienced. I have had similar experiences but for much shorter times, and mostly find it difficult to shut off my busy mind.

My mind was focussed on the healing of quite a sizable lump I have on my chest wall. I think, and hope it is benign but haven’t had it checked yet because of the difficult of getting a doctor’s appointment at present. I’m not worried about it.

Consider my utter delight as I went from different types of colour patterns, each one lasting possibly ten minutes in accordance with the solfeggio frequencies changing. To stay in that state for 70 minutes was amazing for me. I was totally relaxed but present in what was happening, with a still mind – apart from observing the colours.” Elizabeth Salmon, New Zealand


“I had been working with this Cocker Spaniel for 2 weeks. When he came to me he was biting everybody and completely out of control. I had gotten him to the point where he had stopped biting but was still very agitated and barking at everyone non-stop. I gave him three sessions with the QSB and he is now completely placid and even-tempered – Amazing!!” Deb – Animal Communicator Australia.

“We have this cat that was over grooming to the point that his fur was coming out and leaving bald patches. We have been playing the QSB in the room and him and our other cat seem to love it. More importantly, the over-grooming has stopped completely!” Brian W. Hastings, NZ

“My gorgeous Burmese Cat ended up on my bed – I was down stairs & when I went up there was blood for Africa on my sheets. A friend took him to the Vet & he was chocking and bleeding – they put him on antibiotics which were very hard to give to him. Anyway I had a better idea and used the QSB which I have beside my bed & he healed very quickly. I still don’t know what happened to him but I know the machine healed him ( he will be 16 this year) & both him & his sister jump on my bed when I put it on. I have a QSB in my Bed Room & one in my Media Room down stairs. My Cats are very relaxed and I feel they are both loving the QSB.  Jenny, New Zealand