Package 2 – QSB, QSB Upgrade Pack, QSB Wave, Pendulum


The Ultimate Healing Gift.

QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) includes: 1x Universal Power Supply, Instructions. This is the latest Quantum Scalar Technology which facilitates the ultimate healing at a causal level. It is non-invasive and can be used by a group.

Upgrade pack includes: the cable to connect your QSB to a cell phone, tablet or computer enabling custom frequencies. Full instructions are included, with links to app downloads. Also access to a Forum with other QSB owners where ideas and information is shared, and lifelong Free pass to all future webinars and seminars on subjects relating to the QSB and healing.

QSB Wave includes: the cable to connect to your QSB device.  A new revolution in healing enabling age-reversal, genetic healing and the ability to embed frequencies

Pendulum– comes in a velvet pouch and with instructions


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