Package 2 – Nu-Me Skinny Silver Pendant, Power P.e.bal, 1 x RadiSafe


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Nu-Me Skinny silver pendants * are exquisite and are available in seven designs, Unity, Evolution, Sanctuary, Fortitude, Knot, Tri Curl and Yin-Yang. It will take care of someone you love most 24/7, and comes with a silver clasped cord, packaged in a velvet gift bag.

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The POWER P.E.BAL has an enormous protective field of 36 meters enough to keep a whole family or workplace safe. What better gift to give to your Boss or significant other that will keep YOU safe and protected as well?

1 x RadiSafe Phone Shield. keeps you safe from the ionizing radiation from cell and cordless phones.

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Nu-Me Skinny - Silver

Evolution, Fortitude, Knot, Sanctuary, Tri Curl, Unity, Yin-Yang