Nu-Me Skinny-Copper SECONDS

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On one side of this Nu-me Skinny is the design and on the other is the original spiral design associated with all Nu-Me pendants. Wear it whichever way suits your mood or attire. It is 2.75cm (11/4”) and 0.5 cm deep (very skinny) and comes with a waxed cotton cord with copper fastenings.

It is embedded with Scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies which makes it much more than just a standard EMF protective pendant. Scalar waves work on your own energy system so will keep you calm in any situation, help eliminate stress, boost your energy levels, aid your immune system and ensure that you are protected 24/7

Please note copper will oxidize, this is called patina which will change colours as it ages. This gives it a unique quality which makes our copper Nu-Me pendants very different and desirable pieces of jewellery. The engraving will become darker and more pronounced – more stunning. Copper can of course be cleaned to regain its shine but the engraving will remain beautifully dark.

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Nu-Me Skinny - Copper

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