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Nu-Me Snappy/Natty Combo


Nu-Me Snappy/Natty Combo.

Comes with 1 insert, 1 Snappy Band, 1 Natty Case and a cord so that it can be worn both ways.

Bands available in 4 colours, Black, Red, Green, and Blue . Natty cases are available in 4 colours, Black, Red, Blue, Teal. Combinations available are (band/case) : Black/Black, Blue/Blue, Red/Red, and Green/Teal.

Nu-me Natty

The Natty pendant gives great personal protection which is gentler than some of our more powerful products, which makes it great for kids and adult who are Electrosensitive. The protection field radius is approximately 3m (9.8 feet). It has the same Nu-me insert as the Nu-me Snappy and the Natty silicon case colours are interchangeable. [...]

Nu-Me Snappy


Available in 2 colour sets of 3.
1. Red, Black, Green
2. Purple Pink, Blue

Natty Pet


Nu-Me Natty Pet.

EMF protection for your pet with black case.

Natty Case


The Natty Case is a replacement for your Natty EMF protection necklace. If your Natty or Natty Pet case is damaged, tired-looking, or you just want a new color then these will do the job nicely. Also, if you have a Nu-Me Snappy and want a Natty, these cases will accept the same insert.

Nu-Me Snappy Shells


Nu-Me Snappy shells only.

Available in 2 colour sets of 3.

1. Red, Black, Green
2. Purple, Pink, Blue