Prize Draws – Biggest Prize Ever

Scalar healing device QSB

Prize of a QSB -Quantum Scalar Box to be won.

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What does the QSB do?

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Answers to Margie

This competition will be drawn at the end of 31 December 2021

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If you are a lucky winner email Margie to claim your prize.

  • Winner Nicole Potts – Nu-Me Skinny Evolution Stainless Pendant*
  • Winner Anna Fullerton – Zen Love and Hope Stones
  • Winner Elysia Drew – Small & Medium Shell Shield
  • Winner Sally Neish – P.e.bal
  • Winner Carol Newcombe – Christmas Package 2
  • Winner Moises Toledo – Snappy Natty Mu-Me Combo*
  • Winner Sara Lepper-Scherer – Snappy Natty Nu-Me Combo*
  • Loren Manderson – Double Shell Sheild*
  • Sarah Antunovic – Small Shell Sheild
  • Patricia Shepherd – ki-bal and 4 RadiSafe
  • Leigh Anne Tatnall – LOVE Stone