One stress too many!

One stress too many!

How’s your stress levels? I mean every type of stress – not just the stuff left over from that disagreement with the boss at work – or the boss at home for that matter! These kinds of stress have always been there in some form or another. Some of the issues are different but our grandparents were dealing with the same everyday stressful situations. What our grandparents (or great grandparents depending on your age) didn’t have to deal with are what many experts believe is behind the cancer epidemic and many of the proliferating diseases our generation is dealing with today.

These are:

Chemical Stress.

Stress panic


Eaten any toxic food lately? Do you know what all the E numbers mean that litter the ingredients section on the label of your processed food? Perhaps you are like me and spend twice as long in the supermarket reading labels. But the food manufactures are getting clever! Who would believe that yeast extract is a code name for MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). That one got me. My naturopath found some in my system when she ran some tests the other day to my utmost horror. If you are not aware, this favorite ingredient of Chinese cooking is an excitotoxin. This means that is super excites the neurons in our brains until they die. It’s evil cousin, aspartame, does the same thing, has been proven to cause cancer, has been linked with Alzheimer’s, has been banned in some countries, but can still be found lurking on most supermarket shelves. Diet soda anyone?

Our (great) grandparents had to prepare most of their own food from fresh ingredients, most of which had not seen a chemical fertilizer, a hormone injection, or a dose of antibiotics. Their rewards for all this hard work – great health! Our punishment for handing over our nutritional power to the food conglomerates whose main concerns, lets face it, are shelf life and profits is bodily toxic STRESS.

If we weren’t content just to eat toxic food, theres the toxic chemicals we put on our skin and the cocktail of gases we inhale each day courtesy of our industries and traffic. I could go on, but that wouldn’t give me space to write about the one type of stress you will find the hardest to avoid and could well be the hardest for our bodies to deal with and that is:


If you aren’t living in the remote Arctic wasteland or some other remote corner of the world you are part of a great experiment. This experiment involves bombarding human bodies with electromagnetic energy at virtually every frequency of the spectrum without any prior testing. Your reward for being an unwilling participant in this experiment – toys to play with. But these toys are costing you more than dollars at the electronics store.

The whole subject of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) pollution is quite involved. We should know, we wrote the book about it see here. Suffice it to say that we are all being affected to some degree or other. As we are all unique the amount that we get stressed can vary. Certainly the amount that we feel its effects varies considerably. For most it is nothing more than a bit of a headache after a long stretch at the computer. For others, that are electro-sensitive, it can mean severe symptoms that drive them into the country and to buy oil lamps!

There is a lot more to say on this subject, some of which we have addressed in the web site. I think I have given you enough here to ponder whilst you tap out that late night report on your laptop (and email it over that wireless link) ,sip on that can of diet cola, and pick at that Chinese takeaway!

Wishing you a stress-free life.

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