Night terrors are not nightmares.

Night terrors are not nightmares.

Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors affect 15% of all children. They must not be confused with nightmares. They are terrifying to those that experience them and those that watch helplessly. There has been no cure for night terrors – until now. Night / sleep terrors must not be confused with Nightmares which are something different.

If you have never had one, if you have not witnessed one then you can be forgiven for dismissing a night terror as a mere nightmare. If you want to see the difference go to our night terror page.

Don’t misunderstand me, a nightmare is horrible, frightening, makes you feel out of sorts, disturbed even. But a night terror is just that – terrifying. A nightmare affects only the one that dreams it. A night terror is just as frightening for those that stand by watching helplessly. As they affect 15% of children that is a hell of a lot of parents that see there kids suffer – and can do nothing to help them. This goes against the very grain of parenthood.

What can you say to a mother on the phone who is describing the symptoms of her child and wants advice as to what she can do to stop this cycle of awful events. She can’t put a title of night terrors to the condition all she knows is that she doesn’t understand what is happening. Her most basic instinct is to protect her child and she doesn’t know how. What a dilemma.

The web is wonderful for giving us information. A Google search brings such positive results. Sadly not so with night terrors – the answers are so negative. What comfort does the information that your suffering child (or even you) will out grow them – hopefully. Some children never do.

What about right now? The only advice is don’t wake them or chastise them, but give them a cuddle. How can a mum or dad comfort with a cuddle a thrashing, screaming child that doesn’t recognize them? Your child not recognizing you how disturbing is that.

Discovering that what your child suffers is called night terrors doesn’t make any difference. Doesn’t make it go away or any easier to cope with. What it does mean though is that there isn’t some thing uniquely wrong with your offspring. That they are one of 15%.

How we discovered that our products, which uses the technology of Wilhelm Reich, can cure night terrors was by chance. And it took a while for the penny to drop.

I had been a sufferer. Like most other people I couldn’t understand what was happening to me, or put a name to it. I would wake myself, David my husband, and any one in earshot (and that was quite a distance) with my blood curdling screams. I then lay awake terrified not knowing what had happened but feeling rather than seeing a “creature” in the room. I was too frightened to go back to sleep. Overwork and worry that must be the cause. So I improved that, reduced my involvement in the business and sat on the beach more. Still it continued. And so the story goes on. To read the rest of the story see here: night terrors

So you see because someone else found a cure for her children with our device it answered the question as to why my night terrors had suddenly stopped.

Since then lots and lots of people have been cured of night terrors. Yes – cured! 100% success. Unbelievable – yes. But thankfully for me and all those others – true.

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