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  • September 4, 2019
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Have you ever done any dowsing, the ancient art in finding the true answer? Our pendulum offer gives you a chance to learn how to do it, with step by step instructions. The FR*EE  crystal pendulum gives a gift for your friend so they can learn as well. Our pendulums are embedded with Scalar waves so when carried they are beneficial for your health and wellbeing too.
Our New Stainless-Steel pendants and Scalar generating QSB are on still  Special offer.
Today starts a new FR*EE Prize draw with two Stainless-Steel Nu-Me pendants to be won.












10% OFF







*Conditions apply: this code can’t be used with any other code or discount offer.


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“wow my parcel just arrived and the power of your products is amazing. Looking forward to see how we will feel in the next days. 
So far my head is really “responding” to the new energy :-). I have also checked the chakras with a pendulum and it the immediate response is awesome to see .” Tatjana, Australia













Have you ever used a pendulum to get the answer?






Dowsing it not New Age or new. It has been used for thousands of years to get the right answers or find things. History shows that it was used in North Africa 8000 years ago, in Egypt 4000 years ago, and even in the bible Moses used it to find water.
Using a pendulum for dowsing is not hard – it just takes practice. And we include all the easy to follow, step by step instructions you need.















With every clear quartz crystal pendulum you get another crystal pendulum absolutely FR*EE. These are varied and picked randomly so unfortunately we are unable to fulfil requests for specific crystals but be sure that it will be the one most beneficial for you.
This offer is for one week or while stocks last. Stocks are limited. It can’t be used with any other offer or discount.


Our crystal pendulums are unique because they are embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies so not only do you have a divination tool, when you carry it in your pocket you have a device that is assisting your health and well-being.
 Take control of your life.












Have any studies been done on safe levels of EMF for humans?







It is easy to forget that Electromagnetic fields are all around us. And in a world filled with so much technology, it is nearly impossible to avoid ongoing exposure at unprecedented levels. Since most of the gadgets we need for modern life give off some form of EMFs, the need for unbiased scientific study and comprehensive testing on the safe levels are for humans is great. However, many of the historic studies are either totally outdated or actually present a deliberately skewed picture.

What Tests Have Been Done?

Much of the testing that supposedly shows that EMF exposure. …more










Special QSB price for newsletter readers only








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