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  • September 5, 2013
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*20 Only copper Nu-Me protective pendants for only $139
*Scalar pendants, salar waves, quantum technology, sympathetic resonance technology … what does it all mean?
*An unexpected perk from our Gem Elixir
*Gem Elixir special offer extended by popular request
*The winners of 2 family packs of RadiSafe
*Two powerful little ki-bal keyrings to win this month
*A workshop with David in Auckland

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Life Energy Designs Newsletter


September 2013


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20 Only copper Nu-Me protective pendants for only $139




copper nu-me We have been stock taking and have 20 Copper Nu-Me protective pendants that we can offer to you at only $139  but please don’t tell our accountant!

This is a strictly first come, first served and when they are gone – well that’s it. The offer ends on 15th September but the stock will be long gone before then.


These are perfect pendants although because they are surplus stock we can’t offer our usual trial and exchange policy. But for our existing customers it is a rare chance to buy a perfect Nu-Me protective pendant below cost price. Please don’t delay and be disappointed. Once the 20 have gone unfortunately there are no more.


When ordering put “cop” in the discount box.  This offer will not process with any other discount or offer – sorry.



“I received the package with my pendant! I felt the energy at the same time I took it in my hands! thanks! Also, I would like to share with you that I am feeling more confident, in peace and with love. Felt also some changes in a positive way inside of me ………………”Angela, Brazil



Scalar pendants, scalar waves, quantum technology, sympathetic resonance technology ….. what does it all mean?


scalar-waves Scalar pendants, scalar waves, quantum technology,       sympathetic resonance technology ……  what does it all mean?

Energetic and protective product web sites are littered with these technical sounding words. They can be quite confusing to the uninitiated and energy aficionados alike.

Without pointing the finger in any specific directions some energetic pendant information on the web is presented as scientific-sounding gobbledygook, which seems to warp your brain as you read it and leaves you none the wiser about the product in question.

As an antidote I thought it might be useful to bring everything down to a state of simplicity so that regular human beings can understand it. read more………

“I’ve recently received my pendant and my p.e.bal. Thank you kindly. For the first few days a strong healing has occurred, or a cleansing. That still continues, especially in my sleep as I wear the pendant to bed. I find when I am out and about I have my own space which is lovely and important to me being an empath. I have purchased other pendants and nope they are no comparison. Thank you for creating the opportunity for myself and others to purchase and wear or have them in the home. Hugs for you both 🙂 x0x”


Karollina Marfell, NZ Life Energy Solutions Facebook wall.



An unexpected perk from our Gem Elixir


elixir I’m a fan.
A devotee. I must admit that as a novice I made my Gem Elixir with negativity and a hint of scepticism.  I have used vibrational medicine in many forms for many years. And I adore crystals. But making my own vibrational medicine from crystals – well that was another matter.

So I set to it and made my Gem Elixir. Well it wasn’t exactly rocket science, in fact it took so little time and brain power that I felt almost guilty that it was so satisfying. We have some blue drinking glasses which have sat in the cupboard forever being saved I suppose for a special occasion. This was that occasion so I washed the layer of dust off – more guilt at my poor house-keeping – added filtered ionized water and the scalar embedded Rose quartz crystal in one glass and the Amethyst crystal in another, put them on the garden table in full sun and let the magic happen. Read more

Gem Elixir special offer extended by popular request


Elixir So many of our customers have been blown away with our Gem Elixir pack that they want to pass the offer to their friends and family they have asked if we can extend the special offer of $29 plus an extra blue dropper bottle –

So we have:

For another 5 days only

The Life Energy Gem Elixir Pack

is only $29


A Free 30ml blue dropper bottle worth$14.99* 


When ordering put “Elixir” in the special instructions box. Sorry this offer will not process with any other discount or offer.

Go on – be brave and let us know what your results have been with our Gem Elixir pack, email margie@life-energy.org.  We always enjoy hearing from you. 


The winners of 2 family packs of RadiSafe



Congratulations Vicky Smith and Kathy Miller you have won a family pack of RadiSafe each.  Send your mailing address to jo@life-energy.org.

If you didn’t win this time have another go at winning a ki-bal, you have two chances as we are giving away 2.


Two powerful little ki-bal keyrings to win this month



ki-bal Our competition has two prizes of Ki-bals.  Answer this easy question and email it to margie@life-energy.org

“What is the protective field of the Ki-bal?”

You can find a little help here: 

Don’t forget you have to have your name in the hat to have it pulled out of it!

“I have to tell you, I bought yr key ring pyramid pendant about 3 or so months ago… this is the first winter in 8 years i have not had a cold, some type of chest and/or sinus infection, not even a slight sniffle!! My kids too, normally some type of sniff, cough, something on and off All winter – this winter they are 90% better, it’s incredible!”  Reina Cottier, NZ 


A Workshop with David in Auckland



The workshop on 28th and 29th September is by donation to help cover venue and other costs.  Lunches are optional and available at a cost of $15 per person per day.

Spaces are limited by necessity so don’t delay if you want to join us.

*Are you ready and open for fundamental positive change in your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing?

* Learn how to heal yourself and others.

*This is an interactive workshop with a HUGE difference that could change your life!

If you have any questions please email david@life-energy.org


Mother Teresa was an extraordinary woman and an inspiration in all that she did. She definitely lived this truth.

“If you judge people you have no time to love them”  Mother Teresa

With love,


David, Margie and Jo

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