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  • September 5, 2014
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* Never to be repeated ki-bal offer,
*How safe are you in your car?, Win a Nu-Me Snappy or Natty, Competition winner


Never to be repeated ki-bal offer.
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How safe are you in your car?

Win a Nu-Me Natty or Snappy.

Competition winner.




Some time ago we wrote an article about dangerous levels of Electro-magnetic radiation in some hybrid cars. A little more research shows that modern petrol / diesel vehicles can be even worse in some cases.

The problems are:

  1. You are in a metal box, which traps electrical fields within it.
  2. The alternator is the equivalent of a sizeable motor generating significant EMFs
  3. Petrol-driven cars have spark plugs generating EMF from high voltage.
  4. Modern cars have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – both rattling around the metal cage.
  5. Turn on the A.C and…………….

Read more……………

We take out insurance on our cars because we know there is the possibility of accidents.  But only a possibility.  Electro-magnetic radiation is a certainty and a ki-bal provides complete fully comprehensive insurance against it!

want to make sure you are safe whilst on the road and elsewhere – so we
are offering you this “insurance” at a very special price.  And unlike
other insurance it is a one off payment only!

Never to be repeated ki-bal offer for 7 days only!

Ki-bal only $76

With a FREE GIFT of a  credit card blocker

Order here…..

To get this super discount put the code key in the discount box


2 ki-bals for $130

with 2 FR*EE GIFTS of

An Infinity picture Jasper Solfeggio pendant

And a green Aventurine Solfeggio pendant

Worth ($236)

Order here……

To get this super discount put the code ring in the discount box


Stocks are limited so first come first supplied. It will end on 15th September or when stocks run out.

can pass this on to friends or share an order but the order has to be
made under one name. Sorry but you can’t use any other offer or discount
with this offer.

The ki-bal is probably the most versatile EMF/balancing product we produce.Not
only will it protect you personally, if you have it in your pocket, its
energy field is so large that it will harmonise the space that you
live, work, or travel in, and all those within this field.  

actually have one on my key ring! I really appreciate the protection it
gives. ……………I just want to say I think your business is
amazing and way ahead of our time. Not enough people appreciate this
technology or the dangers of electro magnetic radiation”.
Andrew O’Neill, USA 


Win A Nu-Me Snappy or Nu-Me Natty







Answer this easy question and a Nu-Me Snappy or Nu-Me Natty – your choice – and your name goes into our FR*EE prize draw.

“How many colour bands does the Nu-Me Snappy have?”

You will find the answer here……………

Answers to margie@life-energy.org

This competition will be drawn at the end of September – so don’t delay in getting your name in the hat.

I can say is that my hubby has noticed I have more energy at times and
as I say regardless of the challenges facing me, this natty keeps me
calm. I still may internally panic a little or mind go a hundred miles
an hour, but something is keeping me calm. It has to be the natty”.
Anne, NZ


Winner of the Solfeggio-Packed Package



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Newsletter September 2014

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