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  • September 26, 2016
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* NEW Zen Stones – HOPE, PEACE, LOVE, * FR*EE scalar embedded crystals for 7 days, * FR*EE teardrop scalar embedded crystal pendant with every order, * Win a new Skinny Nu-Me Tri-Curl, * Runner up prize – Chi-Shell * Are you living with post-traumatic stress?, * I have dropped my Nu-Me pendant.

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> FR*EE scalar embedded crystals for 7 days.
> FR*EE teardrop scalar embedded crystal pendant with every order.
> Win a new Skinny Nu-Me Tri-Curl .
> Runner up prize – Chi-Shell.
>Are you living with post-traumatic stress?
> I have dropped my Nu-Me pendant!


Three different sizes to protect and balance you and the family

Each with words to uplift and inspire.

Stack Zen-Style and you have
Enough POWER to share.

For 7 days FR*EE scalar embedded crystals too.

The HOPE Zen stone is small enough to carry everywhere with the lowest price of any of our protective products. Powerful enough to give you 14 meters’ (15 yds. approx.) protection from all EMF and unbalanced energy. Cheap enough to give a gift of protection and “HOPE” to those you care about.

Special offer for 7 days a FR*EE Citrine embedded crystal with each       HOPE Zen Stone

Citrine is considered to be the crystal that attracts abundance health, wealth and all things. It is widely used in Feng Shui. Put it next to your HOPE stone and abundance will be added to its energy field.

The PEACE Zen stone brings harmony and protection for 17 meters’ (18 yds. approx.). That is more than enough for your own personal space at home or work. It is perfect for those having difficulties getting a good night’s sleep and is a wonderful relaxation/meditation tool.

Special offer for 7 days a FR*EE Amethyst embedded crystal with each PEACE Zen Stone. 

Amethyst is revered as the crystal of peace and healing. Put it next to your PEACE stone and the space around you will be filled with peace – and healing.

The LOVE Zen stone is the most powerful Life Energy Designs’ product and will protect/harmonise a 21-meter (22yds. approx.) space. EMF and unbalanced energy doesn’t stand a chance when love is around!

Special offer for 7days a FR*EE Rose Quartz embedded crystal with each LOVE Zen Stone.

Rose Quartz is the master crystal of Love. Put it next to your LOVE stone and you will be surrounded by the powerful and all-encompassing energy of love. 

A set of Zen Stones will give you the most protection you could ever receive. When stacked – Zen style – 29 meters’ (31 yds. approx.). Or you have the option of using the stone that you most need when you need it. Take PEACE to bed if you have trouble sleeping. Carry HOPE with you when you are out and about or give it to the kids to comfort them at night. Put LOVE in the teens’ room where Electromagnetic radiation abounds!

Special offer for 7days a FR*EE citrine, amethyst, and rose quartz embedded crystals with each Set of Zen Stones.

Each Zen stone comes with an inspirational card and in a drawstring pouch. They are an ideal, affordable gift to give to those that you care about and need a little extra protection and uplift in their life.

“We are all excited about our new Zen Stones, they have been a long time coming! Toiling long hours over the design and production we often had to “let go and let God” as the saying so aptly goes, and experience has taught. And thankfully it worked – we now have them.

I like to KNOW. For myself that is. So I sneaked a HOPE and PEACE stone out the back door – shame on me – to see what they would do for me. Now I am a difficult customer as many of you have heard already. When skepticism was given out I was in the front of the queue. David was the visionary at the beginning of Life Energy Designs, I was the one that “what if-ed”. “Prove it”. I now know, from years of experience and rigorous testing, that our technology works, but what would these new little babies do? Anything different?

Hope is such a neat little stone, and I just love the word hope. I find it so uplifting. And let’s be honest there are many days when we need hope just to survive! I must admit that the HOPE stone, that I took from stock without asking, has now gone to a friend who was really struggling with a failed marriage at an age when the kids are grown, menopause over and life could be sweet and carefree. Now she is facing life on her own.

Any way I digress. Before it left me I carried my HOPE stone everywhere, and even though I wear a Nu-Me pendant, it was so comforting in my pocket. I kept thrusting my hand in, I just wanted to hold it. I did alternate pockets though, so one didn’t bag more than the other!

PEACE is now my all-time favorite. It just feels fabulous. Is fabulous. I have always been a Negater shell fan – love its energy, but the PEACE stone tops it for me. I sleep with it, meditate with it, have it on my desk, in my bag, with me all the time. I’m bonded. It is with me always and everywhere.

I won’t of course give it away – or give it back. I accept that after this admission in writing to pinching it that I will have to pay for it. Jo is jumping up and down with stock sheets while David is waving bank statements. But it is honestly worth it. The new dress can wait, that is a luxury, a whim, my PEACE stone is now a part of my life. Don’t anyone try to separate us!”  

Only a few days left to enter our competition in September to win a Nu-Me Skinny Tri-Curl pendant with a runner up prize of a Chi-Shell.

Be quick – You could be the proud owner of our brand new Tri-Curl Skinny Nu-Me pendant all you have to do is answer this very simple question:
“The Tri-curl is our latest design Skinny – name another Skinny Nu-Me design?”
You can get a little help here…….

Email your answer to
margie@life-energy.org to go in the draw.
And there is a runner-up prize too – a powerful little chi-shell!

“My current favourite is the Yin Yang Shadow. I love the elegant design, appreciate how lightweight it is, and literally wear it every day! I get more compliments than I ever would have imagined. I still sleep with my standard Nu-Me under my pillow overnight.” Pam LaRue

Are you living with post-traumatic stress?

Is there an effective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment without drugs?

“I have found since I have been wearing my pendant and sleeping with it under my pillow that I am so much more calm and centred!!! It is really amazing. I have been commenting to everyone that I feel so much less stressed, and more grounded. I love it. Thank you so much,” Linda M, Canada

Frequently asked question 

Q. I have accidentally dropped my Nu-Me protective pendant will it have stopped working?
A. It will take a hammer to break the Life Energy technology inside a Nu-Me pendant. If it is accidentally dropped it may receive some cosmetic damage, a few dings and scratches, but the technology is very robust and will continue to serve you.


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