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  • September 25, 2019
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So many of our readers said that a week wasn’t long enough to let all their friends and relatives take advantage of our $50 OFF Nu-Me Silver Skinny Pendants that we have extended it for 7 days. 
Some designs are running low so if you want a specific one please don’t delay.
Why do some people heal and others not – investigating resistance.
Newsletter readers only QSB offer
There are two Stainless Steel Nu-Me pendants to be won in our  competition








The Nu-Me Skinny protective pendant is not only the best EMF and balancing pendant available it is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that looks good on everyone. Choose one of the three meaningful Silver designs that suits your taste and style.
There have been numerous requests to extend this offer so that people can notify family and friends. There is no limit to numbers ordered but offer is only while stocks last and can’t be used with any other offer or discount.
This offer ends on 1st October 2019







The items arrived today. Super-fast shipping!

Thank you so much. As soon as I put on the Nu-Me necklace, I instantly felt calm and almost euphoric. My mind feels so clear now. No pain either.

Thank you so much for these amazing products. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. I sent your info to my friend ….. Thank you again. Your products are lifesaving! 

Many blessings to you, 


Leigh Ann, USA










Resistance to Healing




Whilst we have many happy
QSB users around the world now, occasionally we get one returned to us. This particular story highlights a challenge faced by many on a healing journey. I will use this story to highlight why some people don’t heal, regardless of the tools used to facilitate healing.


Hilary (not her real name and not that Hillary) was gifted a QSB. She had some trepidation about using it but agreed to try it.


Very quickly she reported back that she was getting a sharp pain in the head, shifting to a pressure sensation which lasted beyond the end of the QSB session.


Hillary experimented with moving the unit farther away with the same results.


At this point, we communicated and suggested to her that this was a detox reaction as a result of the healing taking place. She agreed to persevere but shortly thereafter came back with a report that she had muscle tested the QSB and got a weak reaction. She then returned the QSB.


Along with her symptoms, she obviously was anxious and nervous and not engaging easily with the process – resistance..
read more










Because we have built up a relationship with you, our newsletter reader, we want to make sure that, because you are on the journey to improve your health and well-being, you have the opportunity to invest, at an reduced price, in The Ultimate Scalar Healing Device – The QSB.
This was designed by David and developed over several years. 







“I sprained my ankle quite badly coming down the stairs the other week. This sort of injury can take quite a while to heal, I know. As a woman in my seventies, they can take a little longer. Anyway, I had the presence of mind to start using the QSB right away. Well, I could feel some serious tingling going on in my ankle during treatment. After 2 days, yes 2 days, it was completely healed – Amazing!”
Jenny, South Island New Zealand





You can read other experiences with the QSB  here…





Try without risk.
The QSB is covered by our 30 day money back guarantee

















Ask us a Question







Q: What is all the fuss about stopping 5G?
Surely having more efficient technology is GOOD for us?

A: Efficiency is the sales spin that is being put on 5G.  

In promoting 5G the advertising is playing on our emotions, telling us how we will benefit but not telling us how we will suffer.



  • Our health suffers from extreme EMF exposure because of the need for more cell towers than 4G requires.
  • There is a necessity for several cell phone towers in EVERY Street because the frequency band for 5G hasn’t much range. This means dangerous levels of EMF radiation.
  • The frequency range of 5G is easily blocked so trees will have to be felled. Tree lined streets will no longer exist.
  • EMF radiation will be increased to levels that life, human, animal and plant can’t cope with. Leading to sickness, death and decay.
  • No long-term research has been done on 5G to evaluate any risks. it is an experiment – globally. We are the guinea pigs.
  • Once the experiment fails, as science proves it must, there will be no turning the clock back. There will be devastation above and beyond Global warming.
  • It is a potential apocalypse.


Research has proved that 4G is disastrous to our health. More and more people are becoming electrosensitive and can’t lead normal lives. I would go so far as to say that few of us are now leading ‘normal’ lives and it has become accepted as the norm.
Headaches, depression, learning disabilities, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, stress, skin, eye and hearing problems have all been associated to EMF. We drag ourselves around, feel under the weather, have perpetual brain fog, can’t sleep, are irritable and consider it is just pressures of life.
So take another pill – even if it’s herbal!
If we buy into the need for faster speeds to connect or devices and electronic toys. If we want to quickly close our lounge curtains and switch on the roast as we are leaving work, we want 5G.
Sounds great. Quicker, faster, more efficient, giving us more time.
Some of that time will inevitably be to visit the doctor, most of who haven’t a clue about EMF radiation, so that has wasted our ‘saved time’






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