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  • September 26, 2013
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*Four Solfeggio Crystal pendants only $98 – for 5 days only
*Healing with frequencies
*2 ki-bals to be won
*Frequently asked questions

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September 2013 (2)


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Start your Christmas shopping early

Four Solfeggio Crystal pendants only $98 – for 5 days only

Healing with frequencies

2 ki-bals to be won

Frequently asked questions





Hard to relate to as you stub your toe on an apparently solid wall and experience the vividly real pain that follows, I know, but the fantastic conclusion of centuries of science and millennia of spiritual knowledge is basically the same: we are living inside a gigantic hologram made of vibrating energy and controlled by consciousness.  


Fortunately you don’t need to fully wrap your head around these ideas to benefit from them. If you can go as far as knowing that vibration is a key ingredient in who we are as physical beings, then we can move on to how this helps us to understand the healing process.

If our body is vibrating energy then what ails our bodies is also vibrating energy. If what ails us is vibrating energy then we can safely assume what will help heal is also vibrating energy – simple really.

Before we go any further, one piece of information is key:

The one being healed does all healing.


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“wow..it has arrived and im absolutely thrilled, my energies have already changed- for the better…thankyou soooooo much, blessings for you both 🙂 x0x” Karollina Marfell, NZ –  Facebook page


Early Christmas special for 5 days only – 4 Solfeggio crystal pendants for only $98


Don’t miss out on this offer as stocks are limited

For 5 days only or until stocks last.

4 crystal pendants embedded with scalar wages in solfeggio frequencies

For only $98

We are helping you start your Christmas shopping early with meaningful, healing presents. The big discount of $58 means that you can give gifts that won’t break the bank yet looks like expensive and well thought out presents. They are cheap enough to give as gifts to colleges and acquaintances that you are usually scratching your head about. And what better stocking filler for those that you love.


We are giving you this offer because we know the healing power of these beautiful crystal pendants that not only have crystals with their own frequencies but also have the solfeggio frequencies embedded in them. A double dose of healing!


Choose 4 solfeggio pendants from our special crystal pendants. Be sure to put your choice in the comments box when you order.


Go here to order….


Stocks on some styles are very limited so be sure to order early. This offer ends on 29th September or while stocks last and unfortunately can’t be processed with any other offer or discount.

Special Crystals

“i love my solfeggio crystal pendant, wear it all the time, seems to have made me so much calmer since I first put it on. Wouldn’t be without it now.”  Frances Simpson, NZ  Life Energy Solutions Facebook page .



EMF from power lines causes cancer research proves



The Swedish Government funded an official, massive study of the effects of EMF (electric field radiate) from overhead power lines on 500,000 people. This study over a period of 25 years found overwhelming evidence that electric fields generated cancer in children at 4 times the normal rate and tripled the rate in adults. Sweden now lists electromagnetic fields (EMF) as Class 2 Carcinogens, right along with tobacco.


To


Two powerful little ki-bal keyrings to be won this month



ki-bal Our competition has two prizes of Ki-bals.  Answer this easy question and email it to margie@life-energy.org

“What is the protective field of the Ki-bal?”

You can find a little help here: 

Don’t forget you have to have your name in the hat to have it pulled out of it!

“I have to tell you, I bought yr key ring pyramid pendant about 3 or so months ago… this is the first winter in 8 years i have not had a cold, some type of chest and/or sinus infection, not even a slight sniffle!! My kids too, normally some type of sniff, cough, something on and off All winter – this winter they are 90% better, it’s incredible!”  Reina Cottier, NZ 


Frequently asked questions



These questions and answers apply to our Crystal Solfeggio pendants and the crystals embedded with scalar waves for our Gem elixir.

Q: Do I need to cleanse and charge the crystal?

A: You will need to clean the crystals periodically or keep them near any one of our energetic devices to keep them clean  – p.e.bal, Negater shell, ki-bal, Nu-Me.


Q: How long does the embedded scalar waves last for?

A: The scalar charge will last about 400 years so be sure to send it back for a recharge after that!


“I did receive the p.e.bal a few days ago via air mail and really feel a difference with it. Thank you for such great service.”   L Silverman, USA



We are often our own worst enemy.  Our inner conflicts worse than any we have with others.  Being at peace with ourselves is probably the greatest challeng many of us have.  These words of Winston Churchill’s are so apt.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you” 

Wishing you Peace,


David, Margie and Jo

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