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  • September 16, 2014
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*OK you persuaded us – here’s another ki-bal offer.
*For the man who won’t wear jewellery.
*How Cell phone radiation affects a foetus.
*Win a Nu-Me Snappy or Natty.
*Frequently asked questions.


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September 2014 (2)


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OK you persuaded us – here’s another ki-bal offer.

For the man who won’t wear jewellery.

How Cell phone radiation affects a foetus.

Win a Nu-Me Snappy or Natty.

Frequently asked Questions.






So many of you were disappointed that you or your friends missed out on our last offer and begged us to extend it. Because we care about you we have broken down and decided to make one that is similar. We can’t do one exactly the same as we have run out of some stock. So here it is:

Until the end of September

2ki-bals for only $130


A FR*EE Blockit pockit and 2 credit card blockers

(Worth $232.80)

Order here…..


Put rings in the discount box when you order. This offer closes on the 30thSeptember and will not process with any other offer or discount.



Get 10% off a ki-bal $80


A FR*EE credit card blocker 

(Worth $91.90)

Order here……


Use the code LE814 in the discount box when you order.  This offer closes on 30th September and will not process with any other offer or discount.





**Completely and utterly off
the record – if you use this discount code on any product, other than
those on offer, you will get 10% discount – but don’t you dare tell!**


have to tell you, I bought your key ring pyramid pendant about 3 or so
months ago… this is the first winter in 8 years i have not had a cold,
some type of chest and/or sinus infection, not even a slight sniffle!!
My kids too, normally some type of sniff, cough, something on and off
all winter- this winter they are 90% better, its been incredible!”
Reina Cottier, NZ



A great alternative for men who don’t wear jewellery.



Many men don’t do jewellery except for a watch and maybe a wedding ring.
They weren’t brought up to wear it. The seventies had medallion men who
wore their wealth around their neck and wrists in thick gold chains
with or without more gold dangling from them. That is a bit old hat now.

course there are men who do like a bit of bling, or a discreet
something around their neck. Why should women have exclusive rights to
jewels? But you can’t eradicate upbringing – not just like that anyway.
If a guy was brought up thinking that only girls and mums wear necklaces
– and earrings then that belief is pretty deeply embedded.

it’s an age thing also. The young generation are admittedly much more
liberated in lots of ways. Lads wear earrings without being labelled gay
or a sea-farer and girls are comfortable doing things that previously
would have labelled manly.

to be exactly as you want to be is great – I’m all for it, but admit
that it isn’t so easy if you come from a generation that had limitations
and expectations. You can’t just shrug off that childhood conditioning.
You can work through it and many of us try but there is usually more important things to overcome than trying to get your old man, or even son, to wear a Nu-Me pendant – even though they may admit it would do them good. This is where a ki-bal
comes into its own – every man has a bunch of keys and protection
dangling from them can’t be construed as jewellery even by the wildest

even if you have spouse, partner or offspring that doesn’t quite
believe in all this EMF stuff you can give yourself peace of mind by
protecting them in the most subtle of ways.

your very special man we have a special Ki-bal offer so you can protect
him, have another ki-bal for yourself or keep for a Christmas present, a
Blockit Pockit to stop cell phone radiation doing damage when kept in
his trouser pocket, a credit card blocker to keep his/your credit card
safe – and still have a few dollars left in your purse to spend on

actually have one on my key ring! I really appreciate the protection it
gives……..I just want to say I think your business is amazing and
way ahead of our time. Not enough people appreciate this technology or
the dangers of electro magnetic radiation
“. Andrew O’Neill, USA


Win A Nu-Me Snappy or Nu-Me Natty







Answer this easy question and win a Nu-Me Snappy or Nu-Me Natty – your choice – and your name goes into our FR*EE prize draw.

“How many colour bands does the Nu-Me Snappy have?”

You will find the answer here……………

Answers to margie@life-energy.org

This competition will be drawn at the end of September – so only a feew days left to be in to win!

I’d just let you know that I’ve just worn my Snappy for the first time
on my night shift, where the Wi-Fi that was recently fitted was causing
me so many problems/symptoms.
I’ve recently tried another device
that successfully removed aches, pains and stress on the head, but
really made my stomach upset and made me feel sick.
What I wasn’t
prepared for with the Snappy was that my place of work had never felt
healthier, even before the Wi-Fi arrived and no negative side effects.
It is I assume neutralising other radiation apart from the Wi-Fi

Anyway, must get to bed now. Very impressed, the 3rd protection I’ve tried and by far the best. Thanks again.”

Roger Gail, U.K.


A Foetus exposed to cell phone radiation can cause behavioural problems later.


Study shows that foetus’ and young children exposed to cell phones can develop behavioural problems.
A second study has been made of almost 29,000 children by Professor Leeka Kheifets and colleagues investigating the possible
relationship between a baby in the womb being exposed to mobile phone
radiation and subsequent behaviour problems in the child by the time
they are seven.

Thetype of behaviour in the child that the researchers asked mothers about were emotional or behaviour problems, inattention or hyperactivity.  They were also interested in interactive difficulties with other children.
The amount of time that mothers spent with their children was taken
into account as maternal inattention has been known to result in
behavioural problems i children, so this was allowed for in the study.

Read more ……..

have both the Nu-Me and p.e.bal. I have to agree with other
commentators and yes you may quote me. I live in Te Atatu south, in an
area, which has a lot of high voltage power lines/towers, plus there is a
huge satellite dish near me. As soon as I put on the Nu Me pendant I
felt instantly relaxed and grounded. I feel far more in tune with my
surroundings and energies. Thank you, I will be recommending you to all
my friends.”


Michelle, NZ



Frequently asked questions




Q. Do I need to put my Nu-Me pendant in the sunlight to recharge it?  Some protective pendants you do?

A. No.  The technology of these pendants s unclear but the technology used in our Nu-Me pendants does not require this.

Q. Can I have more than one pe.bal or Negater Shell in a house/room?

Yes, we live with many!  It may take a little time to adjust to their
energy – experiment with their positioning.  The benefits of having more
than one is that they can be used as a personal balancer.  Having one
in your own room or space means that it is possible to hod the p.e.bal
whenever you feel particularly out of balance (low, stressed, anxious,
hypaerative etc).  They are then interacting with your energy field very
fast.  Don’t forget that for those that meditate or are healers they
will enhance the experience.

Who hasn’t heard of Harry
Potter?  His fame is international.  It would be easy to think that his
creator J.K. Rowling, who obviously has boundless gifts of talent and
imagination, wrote the books effortlessly amassing a fortune as a
result.  But this quote proves differently and encourages all of us to
feel that this is as deep as it gets!

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

We’re here for you,

Margie, David and Jo.

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