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  • October 2, 2018
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* New Power P.e.bals will be here soon,
* Ask us a question,
* Very last day to get 20% off your QSB,
* Book our live webinar now,
* Offer closes today – Kibal $20 with any Silver Nu-Me Skinny pendant,
* Prize winners to be announced.

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The New POWER P.e.bal is twice as powerful as its predecessor with advanced technology in a stunning stainless-steel case.


Ask us a question.





Q.my sons will be travelling for spring break to their dad’s home in California the electrical box is in my 12-year-old son’s bedroom!!!!! can you tell me which protector bought that i can send to protect him – thinking the -p.e.bal or ki-bal??
i was wondering if you were able to put together some ideas that might protect the school i share or do i need to get more info??
i guess it depends very much on how far a reach your products cover and i would your opinion on the best ones.
mainly it would be to protect everyone from the Wi-Fi both inside and outside the school perimeter and they run about 6 microwaves constantly in the central great room.
i have been sharing your company with lots of friends here in North Carolina.
A.I would send the P.e.bal if he is going to be next to the electrical box – particularly if there is a smart meter on it.
As far as the school is concerned, this is a difficult one without knowing the strength of the Wi-Fi / other sources and the layout of the school. What we have said before as a rule of thumb is that a P.e.bal or devices of equivalent or greater strength per classroom. These will offer good protection in the individual classrooms and will also link together to create an overall stronger protective field.
The New POWER P.E.BAL is twice as powerful as its predecessor due to its advanced technology. The introduction of 5G makes EMF even more intolerable to our bodies – so we have made the p.e.bal s stronger to give you and yours more protection.
To understand why 5G is so hard for us to cope with watch our video












Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to get 20% off a QSB.
It is the LAST DAY.


The QSB has sold worldwide. There are now hundreds out there doing a grand job. We couldn’t be more thrilled. It has taken nearly ten years of research, design, development and testing to get to this point. The results, feedback and knowledge that they are doing so much good is so worth it.
We would like every-one to benefit by using one. We obviously can’t gift one to you, but we can give you a discounted price plus a thirty days money refund guarantee.
This offer includes a FR*EE Upgrade pack worth $199






Book our live webinar now



Book Now
Our live webinar – QSB get together with Questions and Answers
This will be an interactive webinar for both those that already have a QSB and those that are considering buying one. It will be an exchange of ideas and experiences with an opportunity for questions and answers.


It will be informative and fun.
25th October
28th October


We have already had two very successful QSB webinars. If you missed them, you haven’t missed out watching them.


Healing, Vibrational medicine and the QSB


The QSB helps you to self-heal at a causal level.


This webinar is a must watch if you want to heal your life.
To watch Unravelling Insomnia -Why we don’t sleep, and how we can
Not getting a good night’s sleep? It is not surprising as we are in the midst of an insomnia epidemic. There are so many factors why we don’t sleep, and we address the main ones.
With any silver Skinny Nu-Me
Our prize draw winner to be announced.
The winners will be announced next week





Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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