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  • October 25, 2018
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* What makes some people more sensitive to EMF?
* Ask us a question,
* Christmas Combo QSB with free Upgrade pack and a Ki-bal,
* More Christmas Combos for gift ideas,
* In my opinion,
* Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E,BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me Pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe,
* Christmas Crystal bonanza coming soon.

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What makes some people more sensitive to EMF?.






When it comes to sensitivity to Electro-Magnetic Fields we humans have a broad spectrum into which we can fall.
Some people are hypersensitive and will know when you switch on a  light. They will get a headache near wi-fi and can”t use a cell phone without severe discomfort.
Others can live under a cell tower and (apparently) not feel a thing. There are, or course, plenty of positions in between these extremes.


Until recently, there was no…..
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Ask us a question.
Q.I have been searching for information on the negative implications of wearing a ‘fit bit’ watch. I am wondering whether you may have information on this? My partner currently wears one and I feel it affecting me especially during sleep. I would rather he didn’t wear one also for his own health.
A . Thanks for the email. The problem with the Fitbit watch, and all smart watches, is the Bluetooth technology which links it to your phone.
It seems that some people are more sensitive to this stuff than others. If you are one of those then the Fitbit is a likely suspect in your insomnia.
If you can’t separate your partner from his device, maybe it has a facility to turn off the Bluetooth at night. The phone should not be on in the bedroom at night anyway. This is the place to start. Some protection would help you, but I would still be advising you to get away from the Bluetooth regardless.
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Look out for more information about Bluetooth is our newsletters
Christmas Combo
QSB with free Upgrade pack and a Ki-bal 
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More Christmas Combos for gift ideas.


In my opinion.



A bottle of water has become an accessory to carry everywhere. When did this start? When did we start talking about water, about its importance, and the minimum we should drink. Did plastic bottles of water become fashionable at the same time that plastic bags became the plentiful norm?
When growing up water was just water – no biggy. No one talked about it. No one drank it other than straight from the tap. There were no minimums or maximums. It just was.
I’m not undermining it – it is essential for life, we all know that. But why are we suddenly so obsessed by it?
Well I personally think we are thirstier. I know that I am. And I get more thirsty when I am in places with high EMF emissions like shopping malls and airports. This isn’t a coincidence. I believe that our clever bodies crave water to flush out the toxins that EMF cause within us. EMF damaged cells can’t absorb water properly either, I read. Excessive thirst is one of the recognised symptoms of EMF radiation. There may be scientific evidence to back this up – or it may just be my humble opinion.
Any way keep hydrated and let me know your opinion and experiences about water and EMF radiation.
Always great to hear from you – Margie.

Email margie@life-energy.org

Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe 


Christmas Crystal bonanza coming soom


Crystal pendants and crystal bead bracelets all embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies coming soon


Watch this space for Big Introductory Price Discounts


Thinking of you,


Margie, David, Jo and Naomi

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