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  • October 18, 2018
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* POWER P.E.BAL Christmas Combo saves you money, gives you more,
* Christmas Combos give you meaninful gifts that do not cost a packet,
* 5G – Residents object,
* New POWER P.E.BALS are here at a special price and selling fast,
*This week our QSB get-together live webinar – BOOK NOW,
* Having your say about the QSB,
* Christmas Combo QSB with free Upgrade pack and a Ki-Bal,
* Will you be exposed to more EMF when on holiday than you are at home,
* We have unclaimed prizes.

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Christmas may seem months away, and is. But, we here at LED are getting ready early so that you can make wise gift choices and save some money at what is, mostly, a very expensive time. Our new POWER P.E.BALS have been combined with our other products to give you the best bargains ever and provide meaningful protective gifts either for yourself or those that you care about.





For ONE WEEK ONLY an extra FR*EE RadiSafe with both silver and copper Nu-Me pendants in this Combo




Christmas Combos give you meaningful gifts that don’t cost a packet.


5G – Residents object.






If you have been reading our blogs you will have read plenty of scary stuff about 5G and EMF in general. This is the bad news that needs to get out there to wake people up to the inherent hazards associated with this technology.
Well it is time for some good news! People who are awake and educated on the subject are banding together and blocking the roll-out of 5G in their towns.
Mill Valley, CA, USA, is one of the latest towns to read more…..




POWER P.E.BALS to the rescue.


More than twice as powerful as the P.e.bal to keep up with the increase of EMF exposure we are all experiencing, and 5G takes EMF to a whole different level with increased danger to our health. The P.e.bal has served well for over 12 years but it was time for more powerful technology to meet todays  needs. So:


And selling fast.



This week our QSB get-together live webinar – BOOK NOW



This week – Book Now
Our live webinar – QSB get together with Questions and Answers
Don’t muss this if you have got a QSB or want one.  It is a great time for sharing.


Join us.


25th October
28th October


Want to catch-up on our webinars?. 


Healing, Vibrational medicine and the QSB


To watch Unravelling Insomnia -Why we don’t sleep, and how we can
Having your say about the QSB. 
“My experience with the QSB has been positive. For some reason it really clears up my sinuses! Not sure why but it does an amazing job. My husband now sleeps without loud snoring which is wonderful for both of us. My two cats, rescue cats, also now sleep well. Being rescue cats they came with a lot of stress. They like to sleep in the room with the QSB. They used to sleep on the bed with me now the QSB seems to be preferable – unless I turn it off before they go to bed! I told my son about the QSB and he has now purchased a QSB. He received the upgrade package, experimented with single frequencies and has had positive results. He has had a very nasty flu and found much relief in the QSB. He told me today that he turns it on as soon as he gets home.” Dr Liz Tatum
Christmas Combo
QSB with free Upgrade pack and a Ki-bal 
This very special Christmas Combo will benefit you – all your family – and all your friends


Will you be exposed to more EMF when on holiday than you are at home? 


Booking a holiday is exciting. That’s a no-brainer statement. Usually we do our research because the brochures only tell us so much about our dream destination. Mr Google makes it so easy now-a-days, people happily post about their experiences, good and bad. Google maps even show us where our accommodation actually sits on the land, and how near it may be to the sea. But, and this is a big but, nothing tells us about how much EMF we will be exposed to while we are holidaying.
Of course, we expect Wi-Fi exposure 24/7 – we can’t turn off the hotel router at night after all. The hotel will abound with EMF as does all public places now, even in rural or coastal areas. This is how the modern world works. We know this even though, unlike many, we are aware of EMF radiation and try to limit or avoid exposure to it as much as we can. But- that but again…
read more…
Our new POWER P.E.BAL will protect you at home or away see it
Bumper Prize Draw – Win a Christmas Combo of a POWER P.E.BAL, a Skinny Nu-Me pendant and two RadiSafe with 2 runner up prizes of a family pack of 4 RadiSafe 
We have unclaimed prizes

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October News (5)

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