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  • October 19, 2016
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* Now we have Multi-buys!, * Fabulous Christmas Specials, * Flying with HOPE, * Win $516 worth of protection, * Scalar embedded pendant with all orders

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> Now we have Multi-buys!



> Flying with HOPE.
> Win $516 worth of protection
> Scalar embedded pendant with all orders.





The need for Electromagnetic protection is on the increase. More and more people are becoming physically, emotionally and physiologically ill because of it. It is adding to the stress of modern day living. Adrenal fatigue and insomnia is at an all-time high. People are living with perpetual headaches and low energy. Depression and anxiety are on the increase. All these, and more, are the result of being bombarded by the electromagnetic radiation which is confusing our personal ordered energetic systems and making us sick.
As a result, the need and demand for our products has increased – our way of helping you to afford the fight against the effects of EMF and all unbalanced destructive energy is our new MULT-BUY discounts – it will save you money.
Customer Loyalty discount vouchers are valid against MULTI-BUYS.




“I use a number of your products from the PE bal to solfeggio pendants. I’ve tested those on my machine and found them useful especially in emotional or chronic illness.




I’m a VEGATEST practitioner in Australia, using a totally new methodology, homeopathy based but all treatments are energetic” Brett Dennis, Bioresonance Health, Australia




Fabulous Christmas Specials


Now Available




Christmas may still seem ages away, and you aren’t in the spirit yet, but we have put together some HUGELY DISCOUNTED packages that will give you some gift ideas that won’t waste your money. In fact, they will really show that you care by offering real protection and wellbeing solutions to those that you care about. If you aren’t ready to start Christmas shopping just yet –   you can start your wish list.








I purchased a pendant for myself some months ago along with a Pyramid Energy Balancer which sits on my bedside table. From the very first night of having the p.e.bal bedside, I slept the whole night through and awoke feeling amazingly rested and refreshed – something I hadn’t done in months! 


My Nu-Me Pendant calms me and I feel so relaxed when wearing it. Have had many complimentary comments on my “pendant” – and asked where I got it from. Sincere thanks for wonderful products.” Y.C, New Zealand

Flying with HOPE




I used to enjoy flying. It was always part of the going away adventure. Now it is about queues, searches, and having to buy fresh drinking water at airport prices because you might “bomb” some-one with your own supply. It has all become a pain in the proverbial arse. Flying just isn’t fun anymore.


Australia may only be a short hop from New Zealand as far as travel is concerned. But it is still International. A rigmarole. So when we went recently I was prepared. No sharp objects. Liquids in a little plastic bag. No aerosols,  inflammables  or food. I confidently surrendered my hand luggage to the conveyor belts to be scrutinised by x-ray. I felt smug. All was well in my world I was sure.


When my once smart but now well used paisley hold-all went through the x-ray machine for the second time I wondered? When I was asked if it was my bag I knew. There was a problem. But I was still confident they were the ones making a mistake.

I was shown……  




Sorry we have no information about flat pack spanners we suggest a Google search.


What do you think of our New Zen Stones?




As you know what we do isn’t a one-way street. We do what we do for you –  and the way that you feel is very important to us.
The response to the new Zen Stones has been more than we ever hoped for. As with all our products we had guidance and help in conceiving and making them, but your opinion and experiences counts. Please let us know what you think. If you have a Zen stone, helping and protecting you or some-one you have gifted it to, please share your experience. This not only helps and encourages us, it helps and encourages others to improve their lives too.
Please send your comments and feed-back to margie@life-energy.org


Win a Family Pack 3 worth $516.


Wow – don’t miss this – it is a whopping prize from our Christmas Packages
Just answer this simple question and be in to win.
“The Family pack 3 includes one Nu-Me silver classic, one P.e.bal, one Ki-Bal and …..”
You can find the answers here …..
Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org 



Newsletter October 2016

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