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  • October 17, 2013
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*Big Discounts and Free Gifts with our Christmas Packages


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BIG discounts and FR*EE gifts  

with our Christmas Packages




As always we are telling you first about our Christmas packages which will not only save you money but give you an extra couple of FR*EE gifts to give away.



Xmas Packages


ALL XMAS Package orders will receive a FREE Snappy Watch

(colour sent may be different to picture below)


This offer includes:

A Nu-Me Protective Pendant in silver (either size) normally $249.00.  Protects the wearer from all disturbed energies (including EMF) whilst keeping their systme balanced and centred.  Supports the immune system for ongoing wellness.

A P.e.bal (pyramid energy balancer) normally $149.00.  Protect your home and workplace and those you care about working and living there!  Works against all disturbed energy including EMF, Geopathic Stress and any historically disturebed energies.  A great healing tool as well!

plus a FREE 925 snake chain normally $28.00


Xmas Special Package Price: $349.00



P.e.bal and RadiSafe phone shield super package


This offer is:

A P.e.bal (pyramid energy balancer normally $149.00.  Protect your home and workplace and those you care about working and living there!  Works against all disturbed energy including EMF, Geopathick Stress and any historically disturbed energies.  A great healing tool as well!

A family pack of 4 Radisafe Phone Shields normally $99.00.  Tested to reduce the heating of the head during cell/cordless calls by 80%.

plus a FREE Radisafe Phone Shield (makiing 5 in total) normally $29.00

All for a Xmas Special price of $219.00

P.e.bal and Ki-bal superpower package

This offer includes:
A P.e.bal (pyramid energy balancer) which will protect and balance your whole home or work-place and everyone in it.  Normally $149.00
And a Ki-bal (mini p.e.bal) key ring with a massive protective and balancing energy field for its size due to our brand new super-charged technology.  Taking care of you – wherever you go!  It is also embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies.  Normally $89.00

plus a FREE Radisafe Phone Shield worth $29.00. 

                          Xmas Special Package Price $199.00

Elan and Ki-Bal with a free snake chain

This offer includes:

A Nu-Me Elan protective pendant from the Confidential Range, normally $149.  All the protection and balancing powers of the Nu-Me with the technology hidden behind a stylish pendant design.

And a Ki-bal key ring value at $89.00.  Great protection wherever your keys are!

plus a FREE 925 snake chain valued at $28.00

Xmas special price ONLY $199.00

The Nu-Me Snappy is available as part of a great Xmas offer


This offer is:

A Snappy set ofyour choice including insert, normally $99.  Great protection – slapped around your wrist.

And 2 extra Natty cases normally $10 each and a cotton cord.

plus a FREE RadiSafe Phone Shiled normally $29.00

All for a Special Xmas Special price of $99.00

Gem Elixir and a Solfeggio Special Crystal Pendants for a perfect prezzie pack! – Includes Free Pendulum with instructions

This offer is:

A Gem Elixir pack of your choice, normally $29.00

And a Special Solfeggio Crystal of your choice – normally $39.00

plus a FREE solfeggio charged Crystal Pendulum worth $19.00 – complete with full instructions to make you an ace dowser.

All for a Special Xmas Special price of NZD$59.00


Pick any 2 Solfeggio Special Crystal Pendants in this special gift pack and get a Free chain.

This offer is:

2 Special Solfeggio Crystals of your choice – normally $39.00 each.  Stunning Crystal designs all super-charged with our scalar technology to vibrate with the healing Solfeggio Frequencies – beauty and power combined!

plus a FREE silver plated chain

All for a Special Xmas Special price of NZD$59.00

Offers are valid until end of December 2013 or while stocks last. These offers cannot be combined with any other offers / discount codes. If you are ordering other products and wish to use a discount code please make a seperate order and we will refund the additional postage.


Are you in our draw to win a Negater Shell?


Win a beautiful Negater Shell by answering this easy question:

“What is the protective energy field of the Negater Shell?”

You will find the answer here ……..

Email your answer to margie@life-energy.org

“I live the United States in New Jersey. I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your product is, as if you didn’t already know. My teenager was having night terrors for quite some time. So I decided to search on the internet for something to help. I came across your website and read about your products. After reading your website, I noticed that we have a cell tower not far from our house and the amount of electronics in our home; I decided to purchase the Negater Shell. I have to say it is wonderful – he has not had a night terror in approximately 7 months. He is getting restful sleep and so am I, since I don’t have to worry about him waking since, I have purchased the p.e.bal for our home and the lovely p.e.bal key chain.  I guess I am writing mostly to thank you .  So THANK YOU!! Very Satisfied Customer”.  Kristin Young, USA

It is so easy to get caught up, and often over whelmed, by the planning involved with Christmas (which is looming) that we forget the essence – what it is really about. Love and giving is not just about a time of the year either – it’s an always, everyday thing. WONDERFUL.

“Christmas, my child, is love in action.  Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas” Dale Evans



David, Margie and Jo


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