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  • October 12, 2011
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Snappy revealed
20% discount on Wands
Win a p.e.bal

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Snappy revealed

20% discount on Wands

Win a p.e.bal




We have just had a baby. We wanted you to be the first to know. All parents thinks that their babies are beautiful, we know, even when they look as though they may be the offspring’s of aliens, with extra skin provided for them to fill out. But our baby was born gorgeous, and it’s not just new parent pride, others have said so too.

This baby is very different from its siblings, bright, vibrant, fun, yet with the same basics genetics – Nu-Me technology. We have christened it Snappy, it’s intended for kids of all ages, including me. To celebrate the birth of Snappy, and our excitement, we are offering it to you at a special price see https://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/snappy/

The Nu-Me Snappy Has Arrived!
The Nu-Me Snappy Has Arrived!


Being afraid of EMF doesn’t make it go away.    




Nor does ignoring it and that can have disastrous circumstances. Research proves, beyond any doubt, that exposure to EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/radiation) is a hazard to our health, especially for children whose bodies and brains are still forming and growing…..

Read more


October Only: 20% off all wands including those already discounted.

Don’t miss out on getting early Christmas presents while the price is right. There is even a discount on the discount!


We are so confident that our wands are the best available that we will compare and test them with any available on the market. Why? What makes us so confident that they are the best? All life Energy wands are embedded with frequencies using the Quantum TrailBlazer machine which was developed by David and is unique to us.

A life Energy Nano wand should be included in every medical cabinet alongside the band aids and pain killers. In fact you could probably throw away the pain killers! One in the fridge is on hand to energize your food and drinks. And one in your pocket or bag is on hand to give you energetic lifts throughout the day.

So with 20% off- even on the already “buy three discount” you can have them conveniently placed. Alternatively you can have just one, carry it around, and give the other two away as Christmas/birthday/love you presents.

Enter discount code septwand When ordering


“The wand in every case stopped the pain relaxed the area around the pain site and restored full mobility…” Mike NSW Australia

Invitation to an Interactive presentation and 14 minute trial of QTB machine.

You are invited to and interactive presentation from David with demonstrations and a full 14 minute trial of our Quantum TrailBlazer pulsed energy machine.

16th October

 3.00 – 4.15pm

Pathfinder Bookshop, 38 Lorne St, (corner of Wellesley St) Auckland Central

Pathfinder Bookshop stocks all of our products.


Win a pre- Christmas combo of a p.e.bal and a family four pack of Radisafe phone shields  

A chance to win some early Christmas presents by answering this easy question:

“What type of phone is more dangerous than a cell phone?”


Find a little help here https://www.lifeenergysolutions.com/phone-chip/

Answers to  margie@life-energy.org 

If you have already entered your answer will be already in the hat. This completion will be drawn at the end of October.

This will definitely give you food for thought


“My grandson Shon was admitted to Starship Hospital (Auckland childrens hospital) last month with a serious head injury. Initially it was not known whether he was going to survive or not.

I felt to take in my p.e.bal and put it beside his bed. Very quickly he stabilised. The doctors said he would need two weeks recovery time. Shon put the p.e.bal beside him in his bed and handled it all the time. He was well enough to be discharged just one week after the accident to the surprise of the doctors.
Both Shon and myself are convinced that the p.e.bal helped in his recovery and we believe that the other children in the ward benefited too. I have given Shon the p.e.bal and will be sending for my replacement soon.” C. Johnston – NZ




And a thought from us:

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Enjoy the moment,

Margie and David.


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